We offer labeled proteins using our catalogue products

Featured different labeling techniques & types of label are available:


Enzymatic labeling: HRP, AP, etc.

Fluorescent labeling: R-PE, APC, FITC, RBITC, Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy7, etc.

We offer labeled proteins using our catalogue products

Co-Au Labeling

Chemicals Labeling

Drug labeling


Find biotinylated proteins of your interest at Biotinylated Proteins.

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Protein Biotinylation

Biotin can bind to avidin and streptavidin with high affinity and is intensively used to increase the detection sensitivity of many immunological procedures.We routinely perform protein custom biotinylation in a variety of scales for customers over 10 years. Our custom biotinylation services cover all high quality authentic proteins from our catalogue as well as any proteins supplied by customers.

Our biotinylation platform offers two complimentary series: site-specific and random coupling.

enzymatically AviTag™ biotinylated method is a labeling/conjugation technique which is able to reduce steric hindrance, minimize negative impact on folding and activity. Biotin is site-specifically added to the AviTag™ in vivo or in vitro

Chemical labeling is a random conjugate method though different reactive moieties: primary amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls, and carbonyls. Using our in-house developed chemical labeling approach, multiple biotins attach to a single protein molecule, which could potentially lead to higher detection sensitivity.

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Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro

Fluorescent dye is an important tool in laboratories for the visualization and studying of proteins in vivo and in vitro. Our ColorLabelTM service offer full spectrum of labeling chemistries for protein labeling. They show excellent fluorescence intensity and photostability, high fluorescence quantum yield, a strong light absorption and good water solubility. The labeled molecules are intensively used in cell tracing, immunochemistry, FISH, receptor labeling and cytochemistry applications.

Using our high-efficiency labeling protocols to custom conjugate a wide selection of colors to the proteins of your interest:

  • R-PE, APC and Alexa Fluor tandems
  • Alexa Fluor dyes
  • ATTO Fluor dyes
  • Dylight series
  • Cy dyes
  • Cascade Blue, Oregon Green, and other Molecular Probes proprietary fluorophores

Not limited to dyes listed above. Please consult us to select the optimal fluorophore that's right for your needs.

We offer labeled proteins using our catalogue products

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