What Biopharmaceutical Innovations and New Drug Discovery Bring?


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What Biopharmaceutical Innovations and New Drug Discovery Bring?

There is no exact definition for innovation. While there at least should be a substantial improvement and not a small change over what is currently available, for example, the growth and maturation of high throughput screening and microarray technique. 

The Biopharmaceutical and drug discovery process cover a broad range of disciplines from genomics and target discovery to pre-clinical testing. Within this space, many biological technologies are needed.  

Here the paper puts the focus on developments primarily in assays used in target validation through screening and into profiling. The choice does not diminish the many important advances that have been made, such as RNAi, cell-based assays (especially the progress with stem cell), new biological approaches to target evaluation, data mining, processing software or other innovations.

Generally speaking, the biopharmaceutical innovation and new drug discovery delivers far-reaching benefits to patients, Health care system, national economy etc. It saves and improves people’s livers by solving, slowing down and halting diseases. Biotech and biopharma companies’s commitment to innovation is a driving force behind such medical progress and new drug discovery. It improves the value of health care and strengthens national economy.

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