Oncoprotein Suppressor Biomarker

 Oncoprotein Suppressor Biomarker Background

Oncoproteins are any proteins coded by an oncogene involved in the regulation or synthesis of proteins related to tumorigenic cell growth. They are generally mutated or expressed at high levels in cancer cells. These proteins help normal cells transform into cancer cells. Some oncoproteins are accepted and used as tumor markers. Since the 1970s, many oncogenes have been identified in human cancer. Many cancer drugs are designed to target the proteins encoded by oncogenes.

Tumor Suppressor 
Tumor suppressor is a group of proteins as the "stop" signals to tell a cell to leave the cell cycle, slow down dividing and repair DNA mistakes. Tumor suppressor is coded by tumor suppressor gene which is also called antioncogene. These proteins prevent a cell transforming into cancer. Once antioncogene mutates leading loss or reduction in its function, the cell can progress to cancer cells. The function loss of these genes may play more important roles in the formation of many kinds of human cancer cells than oncogene activation. There are several categories in tumor suppressor genes including caretaker genes, gatekeeper genes, and landscaper genes. One of the most famous tumor suppressors is p53 protein.

Tumor marker
Tumor marker or cancer marker refers to endogenous proteins or metabolites that are indicative of the presence of cancer, progression characteristics and response to therapies in the body. Most tumor markers are produced by normal cells as well as by cancer cells. However, they are expressed at a much higher level in when cancer occurs. Thus a biomarker may be possible to indicate the presence of cancer for cancer diagnosis, prognosis and epidemiology. During the last decade, with the exploration in carcinogenesis and tumor progression field, a large number of potential tumor markers have been found. It is best for potential clinical applications that biomarkers can be analyzed in biofluids like blood or serum by non-invasively way.

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