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Official Full Name Adrenergic, Alpha-2A-, Receptor
Background Alpha-2-adrenergic receptors are members of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily. They include 3 highly homologous subtypes: alpha2A, alpha2B, and alpha2C. These receptors have a critical role in regulating neurotransmitter release from sympathetic nerves and from adrenergic neurons in the central nervous system. Studies in mouse revealed that both the alpha2A and alpha2C subtypes were required for normal presynaptic control of transmitter release from sympathetic nerves in the heart and from central noradrenergic neurons; the alpha2A subtype inhibited transmitter release at high stimulation frequencies, whereas the alpha2C subtype modulated neurotransmission at lower levels of nerve activity. This gene encodes alpha2A subtype and it contains no introns in either its coding or untranslated sequences.
Synonyms Adra2a; adrenergic, alpha-2A-, receptor; RG20; CA2-47; RATRG20; adrenergic receptor, alpha 2a; Adrenergic alpha 2A receptor; Adrenergic, alpha 2A, receptor; alpha-2AAR; alpha-2A adrenoceptor; alpha-2A adrenoreceptor; alpha-2A adrenergic receptor; alpha-2D adrenergic receptor
    • Species :
    • Human
    • Pig
    • Rat
    • Zebrafish
    • Source :
    • E.coli
    • E.Coli or Yeast
    • HEK293
    • Mammalian Cell
    • Wheat Germ
    • Tag :
    • GST
    • His
    • N/A
    Species Cat.# Product name Source (Host) Tag Protein Length Price
    Human ADRA2A-379H Recombinant Human ADRA2A Protein Wheat Germ N/A
    Human ADRA2A-9000HCL Recombinant Human ADRA2A 293 Cell Lysate HEK293 N/A
    Human ADRA2A-9442H Recombinant Human ADRA2A, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Rat Adra2a-3330R Recombinant Rat Adra2a, His-tagged E.Coli or Yeast His
    Rat ADRA2A-541R Recombinant Rat ADRA2A Protein Mammalian Cell His
    Zebrafish ADRA2A-11832Z Recombinant Zebrafish ADRA2A Mammalian Cell His
    Pig ADRA2A-3331P Recombinant Pig ADRA2A, His-tagged E.Coli or Yeast His
    Kit-0961 TR-FRET PPAR delta Competitive Binding Assay Kit, goat N/A
    Kit-1088 Antibody/Protein Aggregation Assay Kit N/A
    Kit-1108 Overall Exosome Capture and Quantification Assay Kit (Cell media, Colorimetric) N/A
    Kit-1109 Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric) N/A
    Kit-2179 ADRA2A CHO-K1 β-Arrestin GPCR Assay Kit N/A
    Kit-2180 cAMP ADRA2A CHO-K1 GPCR Assay Kit N/A

    adra2a involved in several pathways and played different roles in them. We selected most pathways adra2a participated on our site, such as Adrenaline signalling through Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor, Adrenaline,noradrenaline inhibits insulin secretion, Adrenoceptors, which may be useful for your reference. Also, other proteins which involved in the same pathway with adra2a were listed below. Creative BioMart supplied nearly all the proteins listed, you can search them on our site.

    Pathway Name Pathway Related Protein
    Adrenaline signalling through Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor ADRA2B; ADRA2A; ADRA2C
    Adrenaline,noradrenaline inhibits insulin secretion GNB3A; GNB5; ADRA2A; ADRA2C; GNB3B; GNB5A; ADCY6; GNB5B
    Adrenoceptors ADRB3; ADRA2B; ADRB2; ADRA1B; ADRA2C; ADRA2A; ADRB1; ADRa1A; ADRA1D
    Amine ligand-binding receptors ADRA2B; ADRa1A; ADRB2; DRD1; ADRA2C; ADRA1B; DRD4; ADRA1D; CHRM1; CHRM5
    Class A/1 (Rhodopsin-like receptors) PROKR1; GPR31B; S1PR5B; ADRB3; OPN4.1; OXGR1A.3; SSTR2; SSTR3; UTS2D; OPN1SW
    G alpha (i) signalling events HCAR1-2; TAS2R13; OXGR1A.1; DRD3; POMCB; PENK; LPAR2A; SSTR2; CXCL11.8; RGS7
    G alpha (z) signalling events RGS17; ADRA2B; ADRA2A; ADRA2C; RGS4; RGS20; RGS19
    GPCR downstream signaling ADRB3; KALRN; EDNRAB; OR2AP1; CHRM5; PTGDR2; TAC1; MCF2L; TRPC3; CCL35.2

    adra2a has several biochemical functions, for example, alpha-1B adrenergic receptor binding, alpha-2C adrenergic receptor binding, alpha2-adrenergic receptor activity. Some of the functions are cooperated with other proteins, some of the functions could acted by adra2a itself. We selected most functions adra2a had, and list some proteins which have the same functions with adra2a. You can find most of the proteins on our site.

    Function Related Protein
    alpha-1B adrenergic receptor binding ADRA2A; ARRB1; ARRB2
    alpha-2C adrenergic receptor binding ADRA2A; APLP1
    alpha2-adrenergic receptor activity ADRA2A; ADRA2C; ADRA2B; ADRA2DA; ADRA2DB
    epinephrine binding ADRB2B; ADRB1; ADRB2A; ADRB3A; ADRB2; ADRA2A; ADRB3; ADRA2C; ADRA2B; ADRB3B
    heterotrimeric G-protein binding ADORA1; CETN2; ADRA2A; CETN1; CETN4
    norepinephrine binding ADRB3A; ADRB2; ADRA2A; ADRB3B; ADRB1
    protein binding FGF10; RCC1; PKN2; BNIP1; RNF182; FAM176B; AF251705; STAM2; VANGL1; PVRL2
    protein heterodimerization activity CD3D; SUPT5H; TPD52; MAFGB; WHRN; HIST1H3D; NKX2-5; NOTCH4; CLNS1A; XBP1
    protein homodimerization activity CDSN; DMRT3; PEX11A; IL17F; IRAK1; SDCBP2; SLC22A6; ZBTB1; ABAT; SLC11A1
    protein kinase binding MSN; ADIPOR1; GYS1; SLC12A4; PARK2; CCND3; TICAM1; APC; NSF; SMAD1
    thioesterase binding CALM3; TRAF2; CALM; CDC42; ARF6; TRAF6; RAC1; CALM2; CALM1; TRAF4

    adra2a has direct interactions with proteins and molecules. Those interactions were detected by several methods such as yeast two hybrid, co-IP, pull-down and so on. We selected proteins and molecules interacted with adra2a here. Most of them are supplied by our site. Hope this information will be useful for your research of adra2a.

    yohimbine; rx-821002; PSMD2; Usp19; Hacd3

    Degos, V; Le Charpentier, T; et al. Neuroprotective Effects of Dexmedetomidine against Glutamate Agonist-induced Neuronal Cell Death Are Related to Increased Astrocyte Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Expression. ANESTHESIOLOGY 118:1123-1132(2013).
    Hua, XY; Chason, KD; et al. G(s)-Coupled Adenosine Receptors Differentially Limit Antigen-Induced Mast Cell Activation. JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS 344:426-435(2013).

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