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    chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 6

  • Overview

    This gene encodes a member of the beta chemokine receptor family, which is predicted to be a seven transmembrane protein similar to G protein-coupled receptors. The gene is preferentially expressed by immature dendritic cells and memory T cells. The ligand of this receptor is macrophage inflammatory protein 3 alpha (MIP-3 alpha). This receptor has been shown to be important for B-lineage maturation and antigen-driven B-cell differentiation, and it may regulate the migration and recruitment of dentritic and T cells during inflammatory and immunological responses. Alternatively spliced transcript variants that encode the same protein have been described for this gene.
  • Synonyms

    CCR6; chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 6; C-C chemokine receptor type 6; CCR-6; KY411; Cmkbr6; CC-CKR-6;

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Species Cat.# Product name Source (Host) Tag Protein Length Price
Human CCR6-0695H Recombinant Human CCR6 Protein Wheat Germ N/A
Human CCR6-7692HCL Recombinant Human CCR6 293 Cell Lysate HEK293 N/A
Human CCR6-10H Recombinant Human CCR6 Full Length Transmembrane Protien, His-tagged In vitro E. coli expression system His
Human CCR6-11H Recombinant Human CCR6 Full Length Transmembrane Protien, His-SUMO-tagged In vitro E. coli expression system His-SUMO
Human CCR6-1176H Recombinant Human CCR6 protein, His&Myc-tagged E.coli His&Myc
Human CCR6-1076HFL Recombinant Human CCR6 protein, His&Flag-tagged HEK293 His&Flag
Human CCR6-3020HF Recombinant Full Length Human CCR6 Protein In Vitro Cell Free System
Human CCR6-2937H Active Recombinant Human CCR6 Full Length Transmembrane protein(Nanodisc) HEK293 N/A
Mouse CCR6-3017M Recombinant Mouse CCR6 Protein Mammalian Cell His
Mouse CCR6-1424M Recombinant Mouse CCR6 Protein, His (Fc)-Avi-tagged HEK293 His (Fc)-Avi
Mouse CCR6-1424M-B Recombinant Mouse CCR6 Protein Pre-coupled Magnetic Beads HEK293
Homo sapiens (Human) RFL19713HF Recombinant Full Length Human C-C Chemokine Receptor Type 6(Ccr6) Protein, His-Tagged E.coli expression system His
Homo sapiens (Human) RFL14231HF Recombinant Full Length Human C-C Chemokine Receptor Type 6(Ccr6) Protein, His-Tagged E.coli expression system His
Mus musculus (Mouse) RFL5656MF Recombinant Full Length Mouse C-C Chemokine Receptor Type 6(Ccr6) Protein, His-Tagged E.coli expression system His
Rhesus Macaque CCR6-709R Recombinant Rhesus monkey CCR6 Protein, His-tagged Mammalian Cell His
Rhesus Macaque CCR6-536R Recombinant Rhesus Macaque CCR6 Protein, His (Fc)-Avi-tagged HEK293 His (Fc)-Avi
Rhesus Macaque CCR6-536R-B Recombinant Rhesus Macaque CCR6 Protein Pre-coupled Magnetic Beads HEK293
Chicken CCR6-3814C Recombinant Chicken CCR6 Mammalian Cell His
Kit-0871 Continuous PRPP-S Assay Kit N/A
Kit-1157 CCR6 Activated GPCR Internalization Assay Kit N/A
Kit-1156 cAMP CCR6 CHO-K1 GPCR Assay Kit N/A
Kit-1049 Neprilysin Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric) N/A
Kit-1158 CCR6 CHO-K1 β-Arrestin GPCR Assay Kit N/A
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CCR6 involved in several pathways and played different roles in them. We selected most pathways CCR6 participated on our site, such as Beta defensins, Chemokine receptors bind chemokines, Chemokine signaling pathway, which may be useful for your reference. Also, other proteins which involved in the same pathway with CCR6 were listed below. Creative BioMart supplied nearly all the proteins listed, you can search them on our site.

Pathway Name Pathway Related Protein
Beta defensinsDEFB119;DEFB4A;DEFB106A;DEFB1;DEFB125;DEFB121;DEFB103A;DEFB104A;DEFB129
Chemokine receptors bind chemokinesCCR7;CCL35.2;CCL19A.2;CXCR7B;CXCL13;CCRL2;CCBP2;CX3CR1;CXCL11.8
Chemokine signaling pathwayPRKCZ;SHC3;CCL3L3;KRAS;GNG12;CCL28;GNB1;IKBKB;GNB3
Class A/1 (Rhodopsin-like receptors)RHOL;PROKR1;OXGR1;DRD2;KEL;TAC3;AMCF-II;NMUR1;OXER1
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interactionCCR8;IL11;TNFRSF9A;RNF207B;CCL4;PF4;CCL18;EDA2R;IFNAR1
G alpha (i) signalling eventsCXCL13;RGS21;RHOL;PNOCB;CXCR6;OPN1SW1;CCR7;TAS2R7;TAS2R13
GPCR downstream signalingNPB;CXCL13;RAMP2;ARHGEF18A;GPBAR1;SST1.1;RGR;OR52B4;OXGR1A.2

CCR6 has several biochemical functions, for example, C-C chemokine receptor activity, chemokine receptor activity, receptor activity. Some of the functions are cooperated with other proteins, some of the functions could acted by CCR6 itself. We selected most functions CCR6 had, and list some proteins which have the same functions with CCR6. You can find most of the proteins on our site.

Function Related Protein
C-C chemokine receptor activityCCBP2;GPR75;CCR6;CCR8;CCR10;CCR1;CCR9;CCR6A;CCR3
chemokine receptor activityCCR3;XCR1;CCR6;CCBP2;PRLH2R;CCRL2;CXCR7B;CXCR3.2;CCR12A

CCR6 has direct interactions with proteins and molecules. Those interactions were detected by several methods such as yeast two hybrid, co-IP, pull-down and so on. We selected proteins and molecules interacted with CCR6 here. Most of them are supplied by our site. Hope this information will be useful for your research of CCR6.

Tan, JF; Jin, XF; et al. Beneficial effect of T follicular helper cells on antibody class switching of B cells in prostate cancer. ONCOLOGY REPORTS 33:1512-1518(2015).
Bulati, M; Buffa, S; et al. Double Negative (IgG(+)IgD(-)CD27(-)) B Cells are Increased in a Cohort of Moderate-Severe Alzheimer's Disease Patients and Show a Pro-Inflammatory Trafficking Receptor Phenotype. JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE 44:1241-1251(2015).
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