Bacterial Expression Systems (E. coli / Bacillus)

Creative BioMart's E.coli expression platform collects various expression vectors available with different N- and C- terminal tags and different host strains to ensure the selection of the most efficient system. As for insoluble proteins, our experienced PhD-level scientists have developed an effective protein refolding system consisting of optimized refolding buffer and prodedure. As for fermentation scale, we have from 5 to 20,000 liters of bioreactors available to meet your requirements.

What are Bacterial Expression Systems?

Bacterial Expression Systems (E. coli / Bacillus)

Bacterial expression systems have been proved to be the preferred option for laboratory investigations and initial development in commercial manufacture in comparison with various other expression systems. The advantages of bacterial expression include thorough undersanding of the system, low cost, high expression yield, ease of scale-up, and short turnaround time.

In the latest decade, gram-positive Bacilli strains have become very popular hosts for industrial and pharmaceutical protein production. Many pharmaceutically relevant proteins were successfully expressed in Bacilli strains. In contrast to the well-known E.coli, Bacilli strains have the general advantage that its outer membrane has no LPS. Furthermore, the Bacilli strains are attractive hosts because of their natural secretion capacity, which can export proteins directly into the extracellular medium.

Creative BioMart's Bacillus subtilis system is an ideal option for the expression of monomeric protein products at high expression levels, combined with our proprietary fermentation protocols allow for fast process development and scale-up to support early clinical testing.

Advantages of Bacterial Expression Systems

  • Simple, well-understood genetics

    Simple, well-understood genetics

  • Easy to manipulate

    Easy to manipulate

  • Fast expression with short doubling time

    Fast expression with short doubling time

  • Easy to purify from inclusion bodies

    Easy to purify from inclusion bodies

  • Well-established labeling protocols for stability studies

    Well-established labeling protocols for stability studies

  • Established regulatory track record

    Established regulatory track record

  • Easy to scale up by fermentation

    Easy to scale up by fermentation

  • Minimal culturing cost

    Minimal culturing cost

Service Content of Bacterial Expression System


Gene Synthesis Plus Codon Optimization

  • Leading codon optimization system
  • Analysis and optimization of rare codons, codon bias and other factors

Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Vector Construction

  • Possess dozens of expression vectors
  • Clone target gene into expression vector
  • Plasmid sequencing
  • Plasmid preparation

Timeline: 1 week


Protein Expression and Purification

  • Small-scale fermentation culture
  • Expression condition optimization
  • Protein expression evaluation
  • Various protein purification methods

Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Optional Services

Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Large Scale/ Fermentation (1L - 5,000L)

  • Standard fermentation
  • High cell density fermentation

Timeline: 1-8 weeks


Quality Control

  • Western blot
  • Bradford assay
  • Mass spectrometry

Timeline: <1 week

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  • Purified protein (supplied in liquid or lyophilized form)
  • Gene sequencing report
  • QC report
  • Activity data if applicable

Our extensive experience and flexible strategies enable Creative BioMart to provide high quality proteins in scales and purity levels tailored to your research.

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