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IL-6 family ligands are a group of cytokines that are members of the interleukin-6 (IL-6) family, which includes IL-6, IL-11, IL-27, IL-31, LIF (Leukemia Inhibitory Factor), CNTF (Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor), CLC (Cardiotrophin-Like Cytokine), OSM (Oncostatin M), and CT-1 (Cardiotrophin-1). These ligands interact with cell surface receptors and regulate several physiological and pathological processes. IL-6 family ligands regulate normal cell growth and development, as well as embryonic development, tissue repair, and immune response by binding to receptors and activating downstream signaling pathways such as JAK/STAT and MAPK. IL-6 family ligands are involved in the activation and differentiation of immune cells and in the regulation of the intensity and duration of inflammatory responses. Their aberrant expression and signaling pathway disorders are closely related to the occurrence and development of various inflammatory diseases, immune diseases, and tumors. In addition, IL-6 family ligands are involved in the regulation of physiological processes such as energy metabolism, bone development, neuroprotection, and reproductive system. They play diverse functions in different tissues and organs and interact with multiple signaling pathways and regulatory networks.

IL-6 Family Ligands.

By studying the functions and regulatory mechanisms of IL-6 family ligands and their signaling pathways, researchers will explore their roles in physiological and pathological processes, reveal the biological properties of IL-6 family ligands, and provide a theoretical basis for therapeutic approaches to related diseases.

Available Resources of IL-6 Family Ligands

Creative BioMart, as a company specializing in life science research, provides researchers with a wide range of IL-6 family ligands products, including CLCF1, CNTF, GCSF, CTF1, IL11, IL31, Il6, Leptin, LIF, and OSM, to meet different research needs. Below are the types of IL-6 family ligands we offer: recombinant proteins, cell and tissue solutions, therapeutic proteins, transfected stable cell, GMP proteins, protein pre-coupled magnetic beads, chromatography reagents, native proteins, antibodie.

In addition, Creative BioMart provides relevant experimental design and consulting services as well as protein customization services to support researchers' scientific work in the field of IL-6 family ligands

Creative BioMart is committed to supporting IL-6 family ligand research with its wide range of products and valuable resources. By utilizing these products and resources, researchers can further elucidate the roles and mechanisms of IL-6 family ligands in a variety of biological processes and diseases. For detailed product information and the latest research developments, please see relevant product detail pages. If you are interested in IL-6 family ligands or need related products and services, you can make price inquiries and purchases through our online ordering system. Meanwhile, you can also directly contact our professional team for consultation and cooperation.



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