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Official Full Name Haptoglobin
Background As a result of hemolysis, hemoglobin is found to accumulate in the kidney and is secreted in the urine. Haptoglobin captures, and combines with free plasma hemoglobin to allow hepatic recycling of heme iron and to prevent kidney damage. Haptoglobin also acts as an Antimicrobial; Antioxidant, has antibacterial activity and plays a role in modulating many aspects of the acute phase response. Hemoglobin/haptoglobin complexes are rapidely cleared by the macrophage CD163 scavenger receptor expressed on the surface of liver Kupfer cells through an endocytic lysosomal degradation pathway. Uncleaved haptoglogin, also known as zonulin, plays a role in intestinal permeability, allowing intercellular tight junction disassembly, and controlling the equilibrium between tolerance and immunity to non-self antigens.
Synonyms BP; Haptoglobin alpha chain; Haptoglobin alpha(1S) beta; Haptoglobin alpha(2FS) beta; Haptoglobin beta chain; Haptoglobin, alpha polypeptide; Haptoglobin, beta polypeptide; HP; HP2 ALPHA2; HP2ALPHA2; HPA1S; HPT; MGC111141; Zonulin; MGC111141; hp2-alpha; Haptoglobin; binding peptide; haptoglobin alpha(1S)-beta HP2ALPHA2; haptoglobin alpha(2FS)-beta; haptoglobin, alpha polypeptide; haptoglobin, beta polypeptide
    • Species :
    • Bovine
    • Canine
    • Cat
    • Cattle
    • Dog
    • Equine
    • Hp
    • Human
    • Monkey
    • Mouse
    • Pig
    • Rabbit
    • Rat
    • Rhesus Macaque
    • Source :
    • Bovine Serum
    • Canine Serum
    • E.coli
    • Feline/Cat Serum
    • HEK293
    • HEK293T
    • Horse Serum
    • Human Milk
    • Human Plasma
    • Human Red Blood Cells
    • Human Serum
    • Mammalian Cell
    • Monkey Plasma
    • Mouse Serum
    • Porcine Serum
    • Rabbit Plasma
    • Rat Serum
    • Solid medium
    • Wheat Germ
    • Tag :
    • C-Myc/DDK
    • GST
    • His
    • T7
    • MYC/DDK
    • Myc
    • DDK
    • N/A
    Species Cat.# Product name Source (Host) Tag Protein Length Price
    Hp Hp-25 Native Helicobacter pylori Antigen Solid medium
    Human Hb-197H Native Human Hemoglobin Human Red Blood Cells N/A
    Human HP-079H Recombinant Human HP Protein, MYC/DDK-tagged, C13 and N15-labeled HEK293 C-Myc/DDK
    Human HP-127H Native Human Hemoglobin protein Human Milk N/A
    Human HP-13916H Recombinant Human HP, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Human HP-14H Human Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A
    Human HP-1891H Recombinant Human HP Protein, MYC/DDK-tagged HEK293 Myc/DDK
    Human HP-200H Native Human Haptoglobin Human Plasma N/A
    Human HP-26196TH Native Human HP N/A
    Human HP-26197TH Recombinant Human HP, His-tagged E.coli His
    Human HP-4387H Native Human Haptoglobin Human Plasma N/A
    Human HP-5001H Recombinant Human HP Protein, GST-tagged Wheat Germ GST
    Human HP-5101H Recombinant Human HP, His-tagged E.coli His
    Human HP-5408HCL Recombinant Human HP 293 Cell Lysate HEK293 N/A
    Human HP-715H Recombinant Human HP Protein, His-tagged HEK293 His
    Human HP-8153H Native Human Serum Haptoglobin Human Serum N/A
    Mouse Hp-1162M Recombinant Mouse Hp Protein, MYC/DDK-tagged HEK293T MYC/DDK
    Mouse Hp-134M Native Mouse Haptoglobin Mouse Serum N/A
    Mouse HP-145M Native Mouse Hemoglobin Mouse Serum N/A
    Mouse Hp-38M Mouse Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A
    Mouse Hp-7754M Recombinant Mouse Hp protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Mouse Hp-7755M Recombinant Mouse Hp protein, His & T7-tagged E.coli His/T7
    Mouse Hp-8155M Native Mouse Serum Haptoglobin Mouse Serum N/A
    Rat Hp-194R Native Rat Haptoglobin Rat Serum N/A
    Rat HP-2895R Recombinant Rat HP Protein Mammalian Cell His
    Rat Hp-7757R Recombinant Rat Hp protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Rat Hp-7758R Recombinant Rat Hp protein, His & T7-tagged E.coli His/T7
    Rat Hp-80R Purified Rat Haptoglobin N/A
    Rat Hp-81R Rat Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A
    Rat HP-957R Recombinant Rat Haptoglobin Protein (Met1-Asn347), His-tagged HEK293 His
    Rhesus Macaque HP-2134R Recombinant Rhesus monkey HP Protein, His-tagged Mammalian Cell His
    Dog HP-190C Native Dog Haptoglobin Canine Serum N/A
    Canine HP-75C Native Canine Haptoglobin Canine Serum N/A
    Bovine HP-133B Native Bovine Haptoglobin Bovine Serum N/A
    Bovine HP-6B Bovine Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A
    Rabbit HP-146R Native Rabbit Hemoglobin Rabbit Plasma N/A
    Rabbit HP-68R Rabbit Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A
    Rabbit HP-7759R Recombinant Rabbit HP protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Rabbit HP-7760R Recombinant Rabbit HP protein, His & T7-tagged E.coli His/T7
    Equine HP-191E Native Equine Haptoglobin Horse Serum N/A
    Cat HP-192F Native Feline Haptoglobin Feline/Cat Serum N/A
    Pig HP-193S Native Swine Haptoglobin Porcine Serum N/A
    Monkey HP-199M Native Monkey Haptoglobin Monkey Plasma N/A
    Equine HP-28H Horse Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A
    Pig HP-61P Pig Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A
    Cattle HP-7751C Recombinant Cattle HP protein, His & T7-tagged E.coli His/T7
    Cattle HP-7752C Recombinant Cattle HP protein, His & T7-tagged E.coli His/T7
    Pig HP-7756P Recombinant Pig HP protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Cat HP-9C Cat Haptoglobin Reference Standard N/A

    HP involved in several pathways and played different roles in them. We selected most pathways HP participated on our site, such as Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors, Scavenging of heme from plasma, Vesicle-mediated transport, which may be useful for your reference. Also, other proteins which involved in the same pathway with HP were listed below. Creative BioMart supplied nearly all the proteins listed, you can search them on our site.

    Pathway Name Pathway Related Protein
    Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors IGKC; CD163; NFX1; STAB2; COL1A2; APOBB.1; LOC479668; Alb; IGKV1-5; HYOU1
    Scavenging of heme from plasma AMBP; CD163; LOC479668; NFX1; HP; HPX
    Vesicle-mediated transport MYO1C; RALAA; GJB4; SEC23IP; RALAB; HIP1RB; FTH1B; AMBP; COPE; STXBP3
    amb2 Integrin signaling MST1R; HP; CYR61; ELANE; LPA; NIPAL1; MST1

    HP has several biochemical functions, for example, antioxidant activity, hemoglobin binding, protein binding. Some of the functions are cooperated with other proteins, some of the functions could acted by HP itself. We selected most functions HP had, and list some proteins which have the same functions with HP. You can find most of the proteins on our site.

    Function Related Protein
    antioxidant activity APOM; SELS; KDM3B; PRDX2; FABP1; HP; S100A9; CAT; APOA4; APOE
    hemoglobin binding CUBN; HPR; HBB; LRP2; AHSP; HP
    protein binding FAM20A; ATOX1; SIX4; LSM5; CCDC148; TIPRL; NTS; DTNA; TAF15; POLR2E
    serine-type endopeptidase activity PCSK4; HP; FURINB; KLK5; PRSS1; ST14; C1RA; PCSK5B; PRSS59.1; FURINA

    HP has direct interactions with proteins and molecules. Those interactions were detected by several methods such as yeast two hybrid, co-IP, pull-down and so on. We selected proteins and molecules interacted with HP here. Most of them are supplied by our site. Hope this information will be useful for your research of HP.


    Morimoto, M; Saito, C; et al. Impairment of Host Resistance to Helminthes with Age in Murine Small Intestine. PARASITE IMMUNOLOGY 37:171-179(2015).
    Do, TD; Park, C; et al. Comparison of pathogenicity of highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus between wild and domestic pigs. VETERINARY RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 39:79-85(2015).

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