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In 2022, extreme events, i.e., the epidemic, sustained heat, drought, and inflation, have surrounded our daily lives. We're glad that your continuous effort for biological research remained. To welcome the arrival of this new fall term, Creative BioMart has launched the "BUY ONE GET ONE FREE" promotional sale for our customers.

Creative BioMart has always been focused on developing high-quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques. Our featured products covered recombinant proteins of all types.

Ending on October 31st, you can access two high-quality recombinant protein products for one price. Don't wait while supply last!

Products that are participating in this activity:

Cat. No. Product Name Size Price
HLA-G-001H Recombinant Human HLA-G Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged 20 µg $699.00
Hpx-3282M Recombinant Mouse Hemopexin, His-tagged 50 µg $429.00
GAA-P026H Recombinant Human GAA Therapeutic Protein 50 µg $798.00
IL2-341H Recombinant Human IL2 (C125S) 100 µg $898.00
IL7-507H Recombinant Human IL7, His-tagged 100 µg $699.00
LRRK2-33H Recombinant Human LRRK2 Protein, FLAG-tagged 5 µg $498.00
LRRK2-111H Recombinant Human LRRK2 (D1994A) Protein, GST-tagged, Active 5 µg $498.00
LCK-692H Recombinant Human LCK, His-tagged 100 µg $998.00
MSLN-001H Recombinant Human MSLN Protein, His-tagged 100 µg $699.00
NEFL-181B Native Bovine NEFL 100 µg $928.00
NF1-334H Recombinant Human NF1 Protein, His-tagged 20 µg $698.00

Of course, if these products aren't well suited to your requirements, we also provide optional services, including but not limited to the addition of labels, tags, tag conjugation sites, assessing endotoxin levels, purification methods, and other requirements. Please come to challenge our scientific team!

Our Advantages

  • Over 5,000 recombinant protein products in stock
  • Scientific expertise
  • Advanced CRO services
  • Your reliable partner and supplier
  • Worldwide distributor networks
  • Highly-customized solutions
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