• Official Full Name

    histone deacetylase 1

  • Overview

    Histone acetylation and deacetylation, catalyzed by multisubunit complexes, play a key role in the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression. The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the histone deacetylase/acuc/apha family and is a component of the histone deacetylase complex. It also interacts with retinoblastoma tumor-suppressor protein and this complex is a key element in the control of cell proliferation and differentiation. Together with metastasis-associated protein-2, it deacetylates p53 and modulates its effect on cell growth and apoptosis. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
  • Synonyms

    HDAC1; histone deacetylase 1; HD1; RPD3; GON-10; RPD3L1; reduced potassium dependency, yeast homolog-like 1;

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Species Cat.# Product name Source (Host) Tag Protein Length Price
Human HDAC1-392H Active Recombinant Human Histone Deacetylase 1, His-tagged Insect Cell His
Human HDAC1-1353H Active Recombinant Human HDAC1, GST-tagged Sf9 Insect Cell GST Full length
Human HDAC1-29190TH Recombinant Human HDAC1 Insect Cell Flag/His 482 amino acids
Human HDAC1-27260TH Recombinant Human HDAC1 Insect Cell N/A 482 amino acids
Human HDAC1-91H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein, FLAG/His-tagged Insect Cell Flag/His 1-482
Human HDAC1-13703H Recombinant Human HDAC1, GST-tagged E.coli GST 183-482a.a.
Human HDAC1-527H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Mammalian Cell His
Human HDAC1-8331H Recombinant Human HDAC1, His tagged Hi-5 Insect Cell His
Human HDAC1-1587H Recombinant Human Histone Deacetylase 1, GST-tagged Sf9 Insect Cell GST
Human HDAC1-374H Recombinant Human Histone Deacetylase 1, His-FLAG Tagged Sf9 Insect Cell His/Flag
Human HDAC1-1339H Recombinant Human HDAC1, His-tagged Insect Cell His
Human HDAC1-4638H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein, GST-tagged Wheat Germ GST
Human HDAC1-5608HCL Recombinant Human HDAC1 293 Cell Lysate HEK293 N/A
Human HDAC1-45H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein, His/FLAG-tagged Insect Cell His/FLAG
Human HDAC1-1751H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged, C13 and N15-labeled HEK293T Myc/DDK
Human HDAC1-549H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein (1-482 aa), His-SUMO-tagged E.coli His/SUMO 1-482 aa
Human HDAC1-060H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein, His/FLAG-tagged Insect cell His/FLAG
Human HDAC1-1052H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein, His (Fc)-Avi-tagged HEK293 His (Fc)-Avi
Human HDAC1-1190HFL Recombinant Full Length Human HDAC1 Protein, C-Flag-tagged Mammalian cells Flag
Human HDAC1-0396H Recombinant Human HDAC1 protein, His-tagged E.coli His 1-110 aa
Human HDAC1-3320H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein (Full Length), C-His tagged Mammalian cells C-His Full Length
Human HDAC1-2855H Recombinant Human HDAC1 protein(281-480 aa), C-His-tagged E.coli C-His 281-480 aa
Human HDAC1-2507H Recombinant Human HDAC1 protein, His-tagged E.coli His 183-482 aa
Human HDAC1-550H Recombinant Human HDAC1 protein, His-tagged E.coli His Met1~Ala482
Human HDAC1-3609HF Recombinant Full Length Human HDAC1 Protein, GST-tagged In Vitro Cell Free System GST 482 amino acids
Human HDAC1-1052H-B Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein Pre-coupled Magnetic Beads HEK293
Human HDAC1-3321H Recombinant Human HDAC1 Protein (Val183-Ala482), N-His tagged E.coli N-His Val183-Ala482
Mouse HDAC1-13MFL Recombinant Full Length Mouse HDAC1 Protein, C-Flag,C-His-tagged Insect cells C-Flag,C-His 1-482 aa
Mouse HDAC1-7526M Recombinant Mouse HDAC1 Protein Mammalian Cell His
Mouse HDAC1-4088M-B Recombinant Mouse HDAC1 Protein Pre-coupled Magnetic Beads HEK293
Mouse HDAC1-4088M Recombinant Mouse HDAC1 Protein, His (Fc)-Avi-tagged HEK293 His (Fc)-Avi
Mouse Hdac1-3366M Recombinant Mouse Hdac1 Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged HEK293T Myc/DDK
Rat HDAC1-2814R Recombinant Rat HDAC1 Protein Mammalian Cell His
Rat HDAC1-2469R Recombinant Rat HDAC1 Protein, His (Fc)-Avi-tagged HEK293 His (Fc)-Avi
Rat HDAC1-2469R-B Recombinant Rat HDAC1 Protein Pre-coupled Magnetic Beads HEK293
Rat HDAC1-20R Recombinant Rat HDAC1 protein(Met1~Ala482), His-tagged E.coli N-His Met1~Ala482
Zebrafish HDAC1-9510Z Recombinant Zebrafish HDAC1 Mammalian Cell His
Chicken HDAC1-5732C Recombinant Chicken HDAC1 Mammalian Cell His
Kit-2283 HDAC1 Immunoprecipitation (IP) & Activity Assay Kit N/A
Kit-1737 HDAC1 Kinetic Assay Kit N/A
  • Involved Pathway
  • Protein Function
  • Interacting Protein
  • Other Resource
  • HDAC1 Related Signal Pathway

HDAC1 involved in several pathways and played different roles in them. We selected most pathways HDAC1 participated on our site, such as Cell cycle, Notch signaling pathway, Thyroid hormone signaling pathway, which may be useful for your reference. Also, other proteins which involved in the same pathway with HDAC1 were listed below. Creative BioMart supplied nearly all the proteins listed, you can search them on our site.

Pathway Name Pathway Related Protein
Thyroid hormone signaling pathwayACTB;ITGAV;PRKACG;TRP53;THRB;PLCZ1;NOTCH1;PIK3CB;PIK3R5
Huntingtons diseaseCOX6B2;SP1;COX7B2;COX7A2L;COX4I2;TGM2;VDAC1;POLR2B;HAP1
Epstein-Barr virus infectionMAPK13;POLR2D;POLR3GL;PSMD11;POLR3G;HLA-G;PSMD13;VIM;POLR1D
Pathways in cancerMAP2K1;FGF19;ROCK1;WNT7A;EPAS1;Fasl;RAC1;XIAP;CASP9
Transcriptional misregulation in cancerLYL1;MPO;FCGR1A;JMJD1C;GRIA3;Bcl2a1b;HDAC2;HIST1H3I;LRP2BP
Viral carcinogenesisPKM2;CCNE1;GTF2A1L;CDK1;CCND1;ATP6V0D2;HLA-B;GTF2H2C_2;HDAC3
Chronic myeloid leukemiaGAB2;MAPK1;CRKL;ARAF;CBL;MAP2K2;MAP2K1;SHC2;PIK3CG

HDAC1 has several biochemical functions, for example, NAD-dependent histone deacetylase activity (H3-K14 specific), NF-kappaB binding, contributes_to RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding. Some of the functions are cooperated with other proteins, some of the functions could acted by HDAC1 itself. We selected most functions HDAC1 had, and list some proteins which have the same functions with HDAC1. You can find most of the proteins on our site.

Function Related Protein
NAD-dependent histone deacetylase activity (H3-K14 specific)HDAC7A;HDAC1;HDAC9;HDAC10;HDAC2;HDAC6;HDAC11;HDAC7;HDAC5
contributes_to RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA bindingSMARCC2;ACTL6A;HDAC1;GATAD2B;SMARCA4;SMARCB1;RBBP4;MTA2;MBD3
contributes_to RNA polymerase II distal enhancer sequence-specific DNA bindingACTB;SMARCB1;SMARCC1;GATAD2B;SMARCA4;MTA2;HDAC1;SMARCE1;CHD4
RNA polymerase II repressing transcription factor bindingDMAP1;TBX5A;CHD4;PROL1;MTA2;BBS7;GSC;TCERG1;BBS2
RNA polymerase II transcription corepressor activityTLE1;URI1;TCERG1;TXLNB;SIN3B;SIN3A;TBX18;RERE;CITED2
activating transcription factor bindingTAF9;RELA;PSIP1;HDAC7;DGKQ;GATA4;ATOH8;HDAC4;EEF1D
core promoter bindingCLOCK;ELK4;E2F8;ARNTL;NPAS2;HNRNPU;GATA1;HDAC1;E2F1
deacetylase activityHDAC1;C6orf130;AADAC;SIRT1;HDAC2;NDST4;MACROD2;NDST1;MACROD1
histone deacetylase activityNACC2;HDAC11;SIRT2;HDAC9B;HDAC5;HDAC2;HDAC3;SIRT1;HDAC10
histone deacetylase bindingMYOCD;GCM1;RAD9A;ZNHIT1;NRIP1;FOXP3;ANKRD1;CDC20;HIF1A
contributes_to nucleosomal DNA bindingSMARCB1;CHD4;SMARCA4;SMARCC2;ACTL6A;ACTB;RBBP4;SMARCE1;HDAC1
protein N-terminus bindingVWF;MORF4L1;GLRX;NFE2;PARP1;TBL1XR1;CSNK2A2;LACRT;SLA2
protein deacetylase activityHDAC4;HDAC9;SIRT2;SIRT1;HDAC5;HDAC3;HDAC1;HDAC2;SIN3A
repressing transcription factor bindingNFYB;CBX5;CTBP1;MAGEA2B;CTNNB1;HDAC7;MYC;TCF3;KAT5
transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA bindingNR5A2;DMBX1;TBX4;BCL3;PHTF1;GATA5;SOX11B;ZFP382;NFKB2
transcription factor bindingNCOR2;GTF2A1;KAT6B;NCOA2;E2F5;TWIST1;TCF3;JUN;ATG7
transcription regulatory region DNA bindingSOX2;TOMM20A;TAF7;MEF2C;RBBP5;SALL1A;ZFHX3;ZNF613;HHEX
transcription regulatory region sequence-specific DNA bindingNR5A1B;SOX12;BACH1B;PER2;BAHD1;POU2F1;EGR1;GATA3;FOXJ1

HDAC1 has direct interactions with proteins and molecules. Those interactions were detected by several methods such as yeast two hybrid, co-IP, pull-down and so on. We selected proteins and molecules interacted with HDAC1 here. Most of them are supplied by our site. Hope this information will be useful for your research of HDAC1.


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Related articles

Kim, JH; Jee, BC; et al. Histone Acetylation Level and Histone Acetyltransferase/Deacetylase Activity in Ejaculated Sperm from Normozoospermic Men. YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 55:1333-1340(2014).
Zou, JY; Crews, FT; et al. Release of Neuronal HMGB1 by Ethanol through Decreased HDAC Activity Activates Brain Neuroimmune Signaling. PLOS ONE 9:-(2014).
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        What diseases has HDAC1 been associated with the study of? 08/13/2022

        HDAC1 is closely related to the study of diseases such as lung cancer and esophageal squamous carcinoma.

        What is the relationship between HDAC1 and Adriamycin? 07/14/2022

        Adriamycin specifically reduces HDAC1 protein expression.

        How is HDAC1 expressed in esophageal squamous carcinoma tissues? 01/25/2022

        HDAC1 protein is highly expressed in esophageal squamous carcinoma tissues, and its high expression correlates with the development of esophageal squamous carcinoma.

        What biological function does HDAC1 have? 03/13/2021

        HDAC1 is a key enzyme in the histone deacetylation process and is involved in the regulation of histone acetylation levels.

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