Human Synthetic Proteins Produced in Mammalian Cell Lines

Creative BioMart has developed a novel approach to both increase biological activities and reduce production costs of human synthetic proteins in mammalian cell lines. The stable transfection of particular cell lines with human sialyltransferases (a set of enzymes involves in protein glycosylation) has largely enhanced bioavailability and activity of synthetic human proteins which are critical properties for the therapeutic application. Besides, proteins produced by this technology display glycosylation patterns similar to those obtained in human cells.

This glycosylation pattern increases humanization of proteins and has the following advantages:

  • Proteins produced are more viable in human (serum half-life increased) resulting in a higher therapeutic activity
  • Potential immunogenicity is reduced with less off-effects
  • Production and storage costs are lower because proteins are more stable

Examples of successful applications:

  • A study of the effects of a drug on sodium channels
  • Testing of an inducible RNA interference system
  • Testing of an isoform-selective protein kinase C agonist
  • Investigation of the interaction between two proteins
  • Analysis of a nuclear export signal in a protein

Creative BioMart has decades of experiences in cell line development to manufacture proteins and has established various platforms to provide high quality product. If you are interested, welcome to contact us for detailed information.

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