AGE-RAGE in vitro Binding Assay Kit

Cat.No. : Kit-0060
Product Overview : The AGE-RAGE in vitro Binding Assay Kit is primarily designed to screening inhibitors of AGE2 (glyceraldehyde-modified AGE)-sRAGE interaction (soluble RAGE) in vitro. In addition, this kit can be used for the rapid and sensitive evaluation of inhibitor candidates as well as characterization of AGE2-sRAGE interaction in vitro. The recombinant sRAGE used in this assay kit was specially designed for keeping the correct conformation to bind efficiently to AGE2-BSA but not to BSA, which are immobilized on the microplate surface. This technique allows us measuring the interaction of recombinant sRAGE to AGE2-BSA in a solid-phase assay system such as a conventional ELISA system.
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Applications : 1) Screening inhibitors of AGE-sRAGE interaction in vitro.
2) Characterization of inhibitor candidates of AGE2-sRAGE interaction in vitro.
3) Screening monoclonal antibodies that inhibit AGE2-sRAGE interaction in vitro.
4) Characterization of AGE2-sRAGE interaction in vitro.
Storage : Upon receipt, store all other components at 4°C;
Don't expose reagents to excessive light.
All of the reagents included in the Research Product AGE-RAGE in vitro Binding Assay Kit have been tested for stability. Reagents should not be used beyond the stated expiration date.
Size : 96 assays

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any clinical use. No products from Creative BioMart may be resold, modified for resale or used to manufacture commercial products without prior written approval from Creative BioMart.


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Q&As (20)

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What are the consequences of AGE-RAGE signaling? 05/30/2022

AGE-RAGE signaling contributes to inflammation, oxidative stress, tissue damage, and disease progression.

How does AGE-RAGE relate to bone health? 04/22/2022

AGE-RAGE interaction affects bone metabolism and can impact conditions like osteoporosis.

Are there therapeutic strategies targeting AGE-RAGE signaling? 01/16/2022

Scientists explore compounds to block or modulate AGE-RAGE interaction as potential therapies.

How does AGE-RAGE impact skin aging? 11/20/2021

AGE-RAGE contributes to skin aging through oxidative stress and collagen damage.

How does the AGE-RAGE interaction impact health? 07/21/2021

The interaction is implicated in aging, diabetes, and age-related diseases, contributing to their pathology.

How does AGE-RAGE contribute to diabetic complications? 06/01/2021

AGE-RAGE interaction contributes to complications in diabetes, promoting inflammation and tissue damage.

Are diagnostic applications possible for AGE-RAGE interaction? 03/13/2021

AGE-RAGE levels hold potential as biomarkers for diseases like diabetes and related complications.

Are there dietary strategies to mitigate AGE-RAGE effects? 01/01/2021

Consuming a low-AGE diet may help reduce AGE-RAGE activation and its negative consequences.

Can AGE-RAGE impact lung health? 12/19/2020

AGE-RAGE interaction is implicated in lung diseases and inflammation, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Are there therapeutic approaches targeting the AGE-RAGE interaction? 11/30/2020

Scientists explore compounds to mitigate the effects of AGE-RAGE activation for potential therapies.

How does AGE-RAGE impact neurodegenerative diseases? 07/10/2020

AGE-RAGE interaction is linked to neuroinflammation, influencing the progression of neurodegeneration.

What is the interaction between AGEs and RAGE protein? 06/19/2019

AGEs bind to RAGE, activating signaling pathways that contribute to inflammation and oxidative stress.

Is AGE-RAGE research ongoing? 05/13/2019

Yes, ongoing research seeks to uncover new insights and therapeutic approaches related to AGE-RAGE.

How does AGE-RAGE affect wound healing? 12/30/2018

AGE-RAGE activation can impair wound healing due to inflammation and oxidative stress.

How does research explore the AGE-RAGE interaction? 08/28/2018

Research delves into how AGE-RAGE signaling influences disease development and potential interventions.

Can AGE-RAGE signaling influence immune responses? 03/06/2018

Yes, AGE-RAGE signaling modulates immune cell functions and affects overall immune responses.

Can AGE-RAGE influence kidney function? 07/11/2017

AGE-RAGE interaction contributes to diabetic nephropathy and kidney dysfunction.

How is the AGE-RAGE interaction studied? 08/13/2016

Research investigates how AGE-RAGE activation influences cellular responses and disease progression.

Does AGE-RAGE affect cardiovascular health? 08/05/2016

AGE-RAGE activation contributes to cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis.

How does the AGE-RAGE interaction impact cellular function? 03/30/2016

AGE-RAGE activation triggers signaling cascades that lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, and tissue damage.

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    The consistent results with Protein AGE-RAGE increased our experimental confidence.


      Using this product, we obtained pure and reproducible protein complexes.


         The product’s quality was evident in the absence of background noise in our assays.


          Protein Q enabled accurate quantification of target proteins in western blots.


             Dependable protein-protein interaction outcomes were achieved due to the product’s pure composition.

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