CYP1A2 Blue Screening Kit

Cat.No. : Kit-0924
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Storage : CYP450 Screening kits include CYP450 Fluorogenic substrates, CYP450 reagents, fluorescent standards, and an NADPH-regeneration system. CYP450 Fluorogenic substrates are also available separately. Store reaction buffers at +4°C or room temperature. Store BACULOSOMES, the NADPH-regeneration system, and NADP+ at -80°C. Store the substrates and standards at +4°C, protected from light. (For long-term storage, resuspend in organic solvent and keep at -20°C.)
Size : 300 assays

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any clinical use. No products from Creative BioMart may be resold, modified for resale or used to manufacture commercial products without prior written approval from Creative BioMart.


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        How does CYP1A2 interact with other cytochrome P450 enzymes in metabolic pathways? 12/29/2022

        CYP1A2 collaborates with other P450 enzymes in metabolic processes.

        What is the impact of altered CYP1A2 activity on liver function and disease risk? 10/20/2022

        Changes in CYP1A2 activity can affect liver health and disease risk.

        How do genetic variations in CYP1A2 affect drug metabolism and response? 09/23/2021

        Genetic differences in CYP1A2 influence drug metabolism and individual medication responses.

        What is the primary role of CYP1A2 in xenobiotic metabolism? 09/06/2021

        CYP1A2 is key in metabolizing drugs and environmental chemicals.

        What role does CYP1A2 play in the detoxification of environmental toxins? 01/29/2020

        CYP1A2 helps detoxify harmful environmental substances.

        How does CYP1A2 contribute to the metabolism of caffeine and other dietary compounds? 06/08/2019

        It metabolizes caffeine and certain dietary compounds, affecting their bodily impact.

        What potential therapeutic applications arise from understanding CYP1A2 activity in personalized medicine? 08/11/2017

        CYP1A2's role can inform personalized medicine, tailoring drug therapies to individual metabolic profiles.

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