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Total Cholesterol Fluorometric/Colorimetric Detection Kit

Cat.No. : Kit-0221
Product Overview : Cholesterol is a lipid present in the cell membranes of eukaryotes and circulates in the blood stream. It is used in the biosynthesis of hormones, and plays an important role in cell signaling processes. Cholesterol exists as a free acid, as well as, in the esterified form as cholesteryl esters. Elevated levels of cholesterol are indicated in atherosclerosis and heart disease, and are the subject of large amount of research focused on cholesterol metabolism. Fluoro CholesterolTM-Total Cholesterol Detection Kit provides a fluorimetric or colorimetric method for determination of total cholesterol in serum and plasma samples. The assay is based on an enzyme-coupled reaction that detects both free cholesterol and cholesterol esters.
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Applications : Absorbance or Fluorescence plate reader
Storage : 1. Long Term Storage: Various-Please see kit components above for specific storage conditions2. Upon Arrival: Store contents as labeled3. Store Part 1 of the kit frozen at -20°C upon arrival. 4. The Cholesterol probe should be protected from light.To avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles, prepare aliquots and freeze. Allow reagents to warm to room temperature, and spin down vials briefly to ensure contents are not lost in caps.

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