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Angiotensin II Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Screening Kit

Cat.No. : Kit-2101
Product Overview : ACE2 Inhibitor Screening Kit can be used to screen for potent inhibitors of ACE2 activity, it utilizes the ability of an active ACE2 to cleave a synthetic MCA based peptide substrate to release a free fluorophore. The released MCA can be easily quantified using a fluorescence microplate reader. In the presence of an ACE2 specific inhibitor, the enzyme loses its peptidase activity which results in decrease of fluorescence intensity. This assay kit is simple and can be used to identify and characterize ACE2 inhibitors in a high-throughput format.
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Size : 100 assays
Applications : Screening/characterizing/studying ACE2 inhibitors/activators
Storage : Store kit at -20°C, protected from light. Briefly centrifuge small vials prior to opening. Read entire protocol before performing the assay.ACE2 Assay Buffer and ACE2 Dilution Buffer: Store at -20 °C or 4 °C. Bring to room temperature before use.ACE2 Enzyme: Store at -20°C. Thaw before use. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw of the enzyme. Use within 3 months.ACE2 Substrate: Ready to use. Store at -20°C. Thaw before use.ACE2 Inhibitor: Store at -20°C. Thaw before use. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw of the inhibitor.

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