Recombinant Human ANKS4B Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged, C13 and N15-labeled

Cat.No. : ANKS4B-682H
Product Overview : ANKS4B MS Standard C13 and N15-labeled recombinant protein (NP_665872) with a C-terminal MYC/DDK tag, was expressed in HEK293 cells.
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Description : As part of the intermicrovillar adhesion complex/IMAC plays a role in epithelial brush border differentiation, controlling microvilli organization and length. Plays a role in assembly of the complex. May play a role in cellular response to endoplasmic reticulum stress.
Source : HEK293
Species : Human
Tag : Myc&DDK
Molecular Mass : 47 kDa
Purity : > 80% as determined by SDS-PAGE and Coomassie blue staining
Stability : Stable for 3 months from receipt of products under proper storage and handling conditions.
Storage : Store at -80 centigrade. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Concentration : 50 μg/mL as determined by BCA
Storage Buffer : 100 mM glycine, 25 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7.3.
Gene Name : ANKS4B ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain containing 4B [ Homo sapiens (human) ]
Official Symbol : ANKS4B
Synonyms : ANKS4B; ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain containing 4B; HARP; ankyrin repeat and SAM domain-containing protein 4B; harmonin-interacting ankyrin-repeat containing protein
Gene ID : 257629
mRNA Refseq : NM_145865
Protein Refseq : NP_665872
MIM : 609901
UniProt ID : Q8N8V4

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Customer Reviews (4)

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    The versatility of the ANKS4B protein makes it a valuable asset in my research.


      What sets ANKS4B apart is the manufacturer's unparalleled technical support.


        Their team of experts is readily available to address any issues that may arise, providing solutions to problems and guiding me through the experimental process.


          The ANKS4B protein is an outstanding product that possesses exceptional quality, making it an ideal choice for my experimental needs.

          Q&As (10)

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          Is ANKS4B a potential diagnostic or prognostic marker for cancer? 11/27/2022

          The potential utility of ANKS4B as a diagnostic or prognostic marker for cancer is still being explored. Some studies have found correlations between ANKS4B expression levels and clinical outcomes in certain cancers, suggesting its potential as a prognostic marker. However, more research is necessary to establish its diagnostic or prognostic value in clinical settings.

          Are there any studies investigating the role of ANKS4B in cancer? 04/09/2022

          a few studies have suggested that ANKS4B may have potential implications in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and colorectal cancer. These studies have identified ANKS4B as differentially expressed in cancer tissues compared to normal tissues. Further research is needed to understand the precise role of ANKS4B in cancer development and progression.

          Are there any animal models of ANKS4B knockout or overexpression? 02/14/2021

          At present, there are no specific animal models that have been generated specifically to study ANKS4B knockout or overexpression. However, it is possible that ANKS4B may have been included in larger-scale knockout or overexpression studies, which may indirectly provide insights into its function. It would be helpful to consult relevant databases or literature for any mentions of ANKS4B in animal models.

          Are there any functional studies on ANKS4B knockout or knockdown models? 06/18/2020

          Currently, there is limited information available regarding functional studies on ANKS4B knockout or knockdown models. The effects of ANKS4B depletion or mutations on cellular processes and disease progression have not been extensively investigated. Further research, including animal models and in vitro studies, is needed to decipher the functional consequences of altering ANKS4B expression or activity.

          Is ANKS4B involved in any developmental processes? 04/13/2020

          There is currently limited information regarding the involvement of ANKS4B in developmental processes. However, since ANKS4B is expressed in various tissues, it is conceivable that it may play a role in developmental processes that require coordinated protein interactions. Further investigation is required to determine its precise role, if any, in development.

          Does ANKS4B have any known variants or mutations? 11/29/2019

          Currently, there is limited information available regarding specific variants or mutations in the ANKS4B gene. The Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) and public databases like dbSNP or ClinVar do not have comprehensive records on ANKS4B variants. Further research and population studies are necessary to explore potential ANKS4B mutations and their implications.

          Can ANKS4B be a therapeutic target? 06/04/2019

          The therapeutic potential of targeting ANKS4B has not been extensively explored or established. As understanding of ANKS4B's function and potential disease associations increases, it may be evaluated as a therapeutic target in the future. However, further research is necessary to establish its suitability and feasibility as a target for therapeutic interventions.

          Is ANKS4B associated with any diseases? 04/30/2019

          Currently, there are no known associations between ANKS4B and specific diseases. However, as with many proteins, further studies may reveal potential disease associations or functional implications of ANKS4B.

          Is ANKS4B associated with any cellular processes? 07/14/2018

          ANKS4B contains ankyrin repeats, which are commonly involved in protein-protein interactions, suggesting that ANKS4B may play a role in protein binding or regulation of cellular pathways. More studies are required to uncover the cellular processes regulated by ANKS4B.

          Is ANKS4B associated with any specific types of cancer? 09/14/2017

          ANKS4B has been found to be overexpressed in several types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma. However, the specific role of ANKS4B in these cancers and its potential as a therapeutic target require further investigation.

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