Active Recombinant Human EIF2C2, His-tagged

Cat.No. : EIF2C2-2180H
Product Overview : Recombinant Human AGO2(Met 1-Ala 859), fussed with His tag at N-terminal, was expressed in Baculovirus-Insect Cells.
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Description : Argonaute 2 (AGO2), also known as Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2C2 (EIF2C2), belongs to the Argonaute family, AGO subfamily, which is a component of the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) and mediates small interfering RNA (siRNA)-directed mRNA cleavage and microRNA translational suppression. AGO2 protein is the catalytic engine of mammalian RNAi. It contains a PIWI domain that is structurally related to RNases H and possibly shares with them a two-metal-ion catalysis mechanism. Human AGO2 was unable to cleave preformed RNA duplexes and exhibited weaker binding affinity for RNA duplexes compared with the single strand RNA. The enzyme exhibited greater RNase H activity in the presence of Mn2+ compared with Mg2+. Human AGO2 exhibited weaker binding affinities and reduced cleavage activities for antisense RNAs with either a 5'-terminal hydroxyl or abasic nucleotide. In mouse hematopoiesis, AGO2 controls early development of lymphoid and erythroid cells. AGO2 is a highly specialized member of the Argonaute family with an essential nonredundant Slicer-independent function within the mammalian miRNA pathway. AGO2 regulates dFMR1 expression, and the relationship between dFMR1 and AGO2 was defined by their physical interaction and co-regulation of downstream targets. AGO2 and dFMR1 are also connected through a regulatory relationship. AGO2 is a regulator of dFMR1 expression and have clarified an important developmental role for AGO2 in the nervous system and germ line that requires dFMR1 function. In addition, AGO2 is regulated at both the transcriptional and posttranslational level, and also implicate AGO2 and enhanced micro-RNA activity in the tumorigenic progression of breast cancer cell lines.
Source : Baculovirus-Insect Cells
Species : Human
Tag : His
Predicted N Terminal : Met
Form : Lyophilized from sterile 20mM Tris, 500mM NaCl, pH7.4,10% glycerol,2mM DTT1. Normally 5 % - 8 % trehalose and mannitol are added as protectants before lyophilization. Specific concentrations are included in the hardcopy of COA.2. Please contact us for any concerns or special requirements.
Bio-activity : Human AGO2 can bind Let-7a RNA and cleave target RNA (21nt).
Molecular Mass : The recombinant human AGO2 consists of 877 amino acids and predicts a molecular mass of 99 kDa as estimated by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions.
Protein length : Met 1-Ala 859
Endotoxin : < 1.0 EU per μg of the protein as determined by the LAL method.
Purity : > 85 % as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Stability : Samples are stable for up to twelve months from date of receipt at -70 centigrade.
Storage : Store it under sterile conditions at -20 centigrade to -80 centigrade. It is recommended that the protein be aliquoted for optimal storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Reconstitution : It is recommended that sterile water be added to the vial to prepare a stock solution. Centrifuge the vial at 4℃ before opening to recover the entire contents.
Publication :
Probing the nanoparticles-AGO2 interaction for enhanced gene knockdown (2018)
Gene Name : AGO2 argonaute RISC catalytic component 2 [ Homo sapiens ]
Official Symbol : AGO2
Synonyms : Q10; EIF2C2; protein argonaute-2; CTA-204B4.6; PAZ Piwi domain protein; PPD; argonaute 2; argonaute2; eIF-2C 2; eIF2C 2; eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2C, 2; hAgo2; protein slicer
Gene ID : 27161
mRNA Refseq : NM_012154
Protein Refseq : NP_036286
MIM : 606229
UniProt ID : Q9UKV8
Chromosome Location : 8q24
Pathway : Adaptive Immune System, organism-specific biosystem; Ca2+ pathway, organism-specific biosystem; Downstream signal transduction, organism-specific biosystem
Function : RNA 7-methylguanosine cap binding; RNA polymerase II core binding; core promoter binding

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Q&As (21)

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How is AGO2’s interaction with target mRNAs studied 12/09/2022

Research explores how AGO2 guides small RNAs to complementary target mRNA sequences.

How is AGO2’s function studied in RNA silencing 11/26/2022

Research explores AGO2’s role in guiding small RNAs to their target sequences.

Can AGO2’s activity be involved in antiviral defense 09/09/2022

Yes, AGO2 is part of the antiviral RNA interference pathway.

Can AGO2 influence gene expression 11/04/2021

Yes, AGO2’s activity leads to the suppression or degradation of target mRNAs.

How is AGO2’s involvement in chromatin remodeling studied 10/26/2021

Research investigates AGO2’s connection to chromatin remodeling complexes.

How does AGO2’s dysfunction relate to diseases 10/29/2020

AGO2 dysfunction is linked to disorders involving impaired gene regulation.

Is AGO2 essential for normal development 02/18/2020

Yes, AGO2 is essential for normal development and cellular processes.

What’s the role of AGO2 in RNA interference 06/10/2019

AGO2 plays a central role in mediating RNA silencing and post-transcriptional regulation.

How does AGO2’s role relate to post-transcriptional regulation 05/11/2019

AGO2 helps control gene expression by degrading or inhibiting mRNA translation.

Can AGO2 influence stem cell maintenance 11/28/2018

Yes, AGO2’s function is important for maintaining stem cell populations.

Is AGO2’s activity modulated during stress responses 09/26/2018

Yes, AGO2’s activity can be regulated in response to cellular stress.

Can AGO2’s function be studied in cancer research 08/09/2018

Yes, AGO2’s role in gene regulation is relevant in cancer studies.

Can AGO2 be involved in epigenetic regulation 07/13/2018

Yes, AGO2’s role extends to epigenetic regulation through RNA-directed DNA methylation.

Can AGO2’s activity affect circadian rhythm regulation 06/01/2018

Yes, AGO2’s function is linked to post-transcriptional regulation of circadian genes.

Can AGO2’s function impact heterochromatin formation 05/19/2018

Yes, AGO2’s activity can influence heterochromatin formation and genome stability.

How does AGO2’s role in translation repression work 06/19/2017

AGO2’s activity leads to translational repression through mRNA cleavage or inhibition.

Can AGO2 impact transposable element silencing 04/19/2017

Yes, AGO2 is involved in suppressing transposable element activity.

How does AGO2 interact with small RNAs 11/29/2016

AGO2 interacts with small RNAs, including microRNAs and small interfering RNAs.

How is AGO2’s role in exosome-mediated RNA decay studied 09/06/2016

Research explores AGO2’s contribution to targeting RNAs for exosome-mediated decay.

How is AGO2’s involvement in germline development studied 05/18/2016

Research investigates AGO2’s role in regulating germline development and fertility.

How does AGO2’s role relate to neuronal function 05/09/2016

AGO2’s activity impacts neuronal development and synaptic plasticity.

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    The high purity of the protein product facilitated accurate quantification of target molecules.


       Well-defined gel electrophoresis bands were indicative of the protein product’s pure form.


         Incorporating the product led to a noticeable increase in target protein expression levels.


           Precise results from immunoprecipitation assays were attributed to the protein product’s purity.


            Consistency across experiments made the protein product a reliable research tool.

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