Recombinant Annexin A10

Cat.No. : ANXA10-118
Product Overview : E. coli derived ANXA10 fusion protein (a.a.1-162)
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Cat. No. : ANXA10-118H
Amino Acid Sequence : H H H H H H G S S G E N L Y F Q S L M F C G D Y V Q G T I F P A P N F N P I M D A Q M L G G A L Q G F D C D K D M L I N I L T Q R C N A Q R M M I A E A Y Q S M Y G R D L I G D M R E Q L S D H F K D V M A G L M Y P P P L Y D A H E L W H A M K G V G T D E N C L I E I L A S R T N G E I F Q M R E A Y C L Q Y S N N L Q E D I Y S E T S G H F R D T L M N L V Q G T (GI:13938374)
Source : E.coli
Fusion tag : 4kDa (His-tag)
Purity : > 90% as determined by SDS PAGE.
Solubility : Add 1ml of deionized water and let the lyophilized pellet dissolve completely. Final concentration 1mg/ml in 1XPBS buffer
Application : Dilute with 1XPBS for ELISA, Western blotting and Immunogen
Storage : For long term, store lyophilized protein at -20℃. Aliquot the product after reconstitution to avoid repeated freezing/thawing cycles. Reconstituted protein can be stored at 4 ℃ for a limited period of time; it does not show any change after two weeks
Gene Name : ANXA10 annexin A10 [ Homo sapiens ]
Synonyms : ANX14; ANXA10; annexin A10; Annexin-14; Annexin-10
Gene ID : 11199
mRNA Refseq : NM_007193
Protein Refseq : NP_009124
MIM : 608008
UniProt ID : Q9UJ72
Chromosome Location : 4q33
Function : calcium ion binding; calcium-dependent phospholipid binding

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Is ANXA10 protein localized in a specific subcellular compartment? 10/20/2020

ANXA10 protein is primarily known to localize to the cytoplasmic compartment of cells. It can also associate with cell membranes in some instances. However, the subcellular localization of ANXA10 may be cell type-specific and can vary depending on different physiological conditions.

Is ANXA10 protein involved in calcium signaling? 02/09/2019

Annexin proteins, including ANXA10, have been shown to interact with calcium ions and are involved in calcium signaling pathways. They can regulate calcium fluxes across membranes and participate in calcium-mediated processes such as neurotransmitter release, muscle contraction, and cell migration. While there is limited information specifically regarding ANXA10's role in calcium signaling, it is possible that it may contribute to these processes.

Is ANXA10 protein expressed in all tissues? 11/19/2017

The expression of ANXA10 protein has been reported to vary across different tissues. It appears to be more abundant in certain tissues, such as the liver and pancreas, while its expression in other tissues may be lower or undetectable.

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          the manufacturer of ANXA10 provides exceptional technical support, offering valuable assistance in troubleshooting and experimental design.

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