Recombinant Human AP2A2 293 Cell Lysate

Cat.No. : AP2A2-8816HCL
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Description : Antigen standard for adaptor-related protein complex 2, alpha 2 subunit (AP2A2) is a lysate prepared from HEK293T cells transiently transfected with a TrueORF gene-carrying pCMV plasmid and then lysed in RIPA Buffer. Protein concentration was determined using a colorimetric assay. The antigen control carries a C-terminal Myc/DDK tag for detection.
Source : HEK 293 cells
Species : Human
Components : This product includes 3 vials: 1 vial of gene-specific cell lysate, 1 vial of control vector cell lysate, and 1 vial of loading buffer. Each lysate vial contains 0.1 mg lysate in 0.1 ml (1 mg/ml) of RIPA Buffer (50 mM Tris-HCl pH7.5, 250 mM NaCl, 5 mM EDTA, 50 mM NaF, 1% NP40). The loading buffer vial contains 0.5 ml 2X SDS Loading Buffer (125 mM Tris-Cl, pH6.8, 10% glycerol, 4% SDS, 0.002% Bromophenol blue, 5% beta-mercaptoethanol).
Size : 0.1 mg
Storage Instruction : Store at -80°C. Minimize freeze-thaw cycles. After addition of 2X SDS Loading Buffer, the lysates can be stored at -20°C. Product is guaranteed 6 months from the date of shipment.
Applications : ELISA, WB, IP. WB: Mix equal volume of lysates with 2X SDS Loading Buffer. Boil the mixture for 10 min before loading (for membrane protein lysates, incubate the mixture at room temperature for 30 min). Load 5 ug lysate per lane.
Tag : Non
Gene Name : AP2A2 adaptor-related protein complex 2, alpha 2 subunit [ Homo sapiens ]
Official Symbol : AP2A2
Synonyms : AP2A2; adaptor-related protein complex 2, alpha 2 subunit; ADTAB, CLAPA2; AP-2 complex subunit alpha-2; adaptin; alpha B; alpha adaptin C; Huntingtin interacting protein J; clathrin associated/assembly/adaptor protein; large; alpha 2; DKFZP564D1864; HIP9; HYPJ; KIAA0899; alpha2-adaptin; adaptin, alpha B; huntingtin yeast partner J; 100 kDa coated vesicle protein C; huntingtin-interacting protein 9; alpha-adaptin C; Huntingtin interacting protein J; clathrin assembly protein complex 2 alpha-C large chain; plasma membrane adaptor HA2/AP2 adaptin alpha C subunit; clathrin-associated/assembly/adaptor protein, large, alpha 2; ADTAB; HIP-9; CLAPA2; FLJ37177;
Gene ID : 161
mRNA Refseq : NM_001242837
Protein Refseq : NP_001229766
MIM : 607242
UniProt ID : O94973
Chromosome Location : 11p15.5
Pathway : Axon guidance, organism-specific biosystem; Developmental Biology, organism-specific biosystem; Disease, organism-specific biosystem; EGFR downregulation, organism-specific biosystem; Endocrine and other factor-regulated calcium reabsorption, organism-specific biosystem; Endocrine and other factor-regulated calcium reabsorption, conserved biosystem; Endocytosis, organism-specific biosystem;
Function : lipid binding; molecular_function; protein transporter activity;

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Customer Reviews (4)

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    The sensitivity of AP2A2 in Western blot is very high, and low concentrations of the target protein can be detected.


      I appreciate the production process of AP2A2, every step is strictly controlled to ensure the quality and repeatability of the product.


        Under different pH conditions, the stability of this protein is still very good, indicating that it has excellent acid-base stability.


          AP2A2 are structurally stable and not prone to mutation.

          Q&As (19)

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          What is the mechanism of AP2A2 in antitumor therapy? 12/25/2022

          Recombinant AP2A2 may play an antitumor role by inhibiting tumor growth and promoting autoimmunity.

          What are the storage conditions of AP2A2 injection? 11/28/2022

          Normally, AP2A2 injections should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 ° C.

          By what means can AP2A2 therapy be delivered to patients? 10/18/2022

          Recombinant AP2A2 therapy can be administered intravenously or intramuscularly.

          What are the preparation methods of AP2A2 ? 09/08/2022

          Generally, the preparation methods of AP2A2 include recombinant DNA technology and protein expression and purification technology.

          What is the progress of recombinant AP2A2 in clinical trials? 05/15/2022

          At present, the recombinant AP2A2 protein is still in clinical trials, and researchers are evaluating its safety and efficacy.

          Is there any research showing that recombinant AP2A2 can improve patients' quality of life? 03/23/2022

          There are no clear studies showing that the AP2A2 improves patients' quality of life, but its therapeutic effect may vary for individuals.

          What are the effects of recombinant AP2A2 on the immune system? 01/29/2022

          Recombinant AP2A2 protein may regulate immune cell activity and enhance immune response, but the specific mechanism still needs to be further studied.

          Is there any research showing that recombinant AP2A2 can prevent certain diseases? 05/07/2021

          While some studies have shown that recombinant AP2A2 has a preventive effect, more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness.

          What are the remaining challenges in the research of AP2A2 ? 04/27/2021

          The study of AP2A2 still faces challenges in terms of safety, efficacy and stability.

          Is there any research showing that recombinant AP2A2 is effective in the treatment of autoimmune diseases? 12/27/2020

          Although some preliminary studies suggest that recombinant AP2A2 may have a therapeutic effect on autoimmune diseases, more clinical trials are needed to determine its efficacy.

          How to evaluate the effectiveness of AP2A2 therapy? 07/31/2020

          Evaluation of the effectiveness of AP2A2 therapy usually includes clinical symptom improvement, biomarker level detection, etc.

          Are there side effects of recombinant AP2A2? 06/13/2020

          No definite side effects have been reported, but please consult your doctor before receiving treatment.

          Is AP2A2 therapy suitable for everyone? 05/12/2020

          The indication for the treatment of AP2A2 needs to be determined based on the specific disease and individual patient situation. Consult your doctor for more accurate advice.

          How long is the usual course of treatment for AP2A2 ? 04/03/2020

          The duration of treatment for AP2A2 varies according to the purpose of treatment and individual differences, please consult your doctor for details.

          In what diseases is recombinant AP2A2 used? 03/08/2020

          Currently, the AP2A2 shows potential in the treatment of certain cancers and autoimmune diseases.

          Are there any limitations to the clinical use of recombinant AP2A2? 01/04/2020

          There is no clear clinical limit to its use, but different diseases and individual conditions may affect its therapeutic effectiveness.

          Can recombinant AP2A2 be used to treat other non-immune-related diseases? 08/24/2019

          There are no clear studies showing that recombinant AP2A2 has a therapeutic effect on non-immune-related diseases.

          What is the main function of AP2A2 ? 06/27/2019

          Recombinant protein AP2A2 is mainly involved in intracellular material transport and endocytosis.

          What is the therapeutic effect of recombinant AP2A2 on certain cancers? 03/17/2019

          Some studies have shown that recombinant AP2A2 can inhibit the growth and spread of certain cancer cells, but further clinical studies are needed to verify its therapeutic effect.

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