Active Recombinant Human MMP13, His-tagged

Cat.No. : MMP13-810H
Product Overview : Recombinant Human MMP13 is expressed in sf9 cell. The protein contains in addition to the 452 amino acids of full-length procollagenase-3 a C-terminal His-tag. The resulting Mr is 52.520 Da. Due to Nlinked glycosylation the proenzyme appears as a band of about 60.000 Da in SDS-PAGE.
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Cat. No. : MMP13-810H
Description : Proteins of the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) family are involved in the breakdown of extracellular matrix in normal physiological processes, such as embryonic development, reproduction, and tissue remodeling, as well as in disease processes, such as arthritis and metastasis. Most MMP"s are secreted as inactive proproteins which are activated when cleaved by extracellular proteinases. However, the protein encoded by this gene is a member of the membrane-type MMP (MT-MMP) subfamily; each member of this subfamily contains a potential transmembrane domain suggesting that these proteins are expressed at the cell surface rather than secreted. This protein activates MMP2 protein, and this activity may be involved in tumor invasion.
Source : Sf9 cell.
Purity : Recombinant procollagenase-3 appears as a single protein band of about 60.000 Da in SDS-PAGE (> 95 % of total protein). Due to autoproteolytic activity minor bands of activated collagenase-3 may be visible in the enzyme preparation.
Activity : The specific activity of collagenase-3 is 200 mU/mg. 1 U is the activity that hydrolyzes 1 mmol peptide (7-methoxycoumarin-4-yl) acetyl-Pro- Leu- Gly -Leu-(3-[2, 4-dinitrophenyl]-L-2, -diamino-propionyl)-Ala-Arg-NH2 (Mca- Pro-Leu-Gly-Leu -Dpa-Ala-Arg) within 1 min under the assay conditions described below.
Application : Recombinant procollagenase-3 can serve as antigen standard in immunochemical analyses. The active enzyme may be used to study the degradation of extracellular matrix proteins, to screen inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and to characterize inhibitor actions.
Storage : Recombinant procollagenase-3 is stable until the expiry date given on the label if stored at -70°C. The proenzyme can be kept at -20°C for several weeks. Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.

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Can MMP13 be a potential therapeutic target for cancer treatment? 04/17/2023

Yes, targeting MMP13 has been explored as a potential therapeutic strategy to inhibit cancer metastasis and invasion.

Is MMP13 involved in cardiovascular diseases? 05/29/2022

Yes, MMP13 has been implicated in cardiovascular diseases by contributing to the remodeling of blood vessels and cardiac tissues.

How does MMP13 contribute to cancer progression? 11/18/2021

MMP13 facilitates tumor invasion and metastasis by breaking down the extracellular matrix and promoting the migration of cancer cells.

How is genetic variation in MMP13 associated with disease susceptibility? 03/03/2019

Certain genetic variations in the MMP13 gene have been linked to increased susceptibility to diseases such as osteoarthritis and cancer.

Are there any clinical trials targeting MMP13? 08/30/2017

Some clinical trials are investigating drugs that specifically target MMP13 in various cancer types to assess their efficacy and safety.

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    Its reliability and versatility make it an essential tool for investigating MMP13 protein's expression, function, and structural characteristics.


      The use of MMP13 protein in this technique allows researchers to explore the intricate three-dimensional structure of the protein at a molecular level.


        MMP13 protein is highly recommended for researchers due to its excellent performance in WB experiments and its utility in protein electron microscopy structure analysis.

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