Mitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH2) Activity Assay Kit

Cat.No. : Kit-0076
Product Overview : The kit is used to determine mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase activity (ALDH2) in a sample. The enzyme is captured within the wells of the microplate and activity is determined by following the production of NADH in the following ALDH2 catalyzed reaction:acetaldehyde + NAD+ ->acid + NADHThe generation of NADH is coupled to the 1:1 reduction of a reporter dye to yield a colored (yellow) reaction product whose concentration can be monitored by measuring the increase in absorbance at 450 nm (Dye molar extinction coefficient-37000 M-1cm-1). ab115348 immunocaptures in each well only native ALDH2 from the chosen sample; this removes all other enzymes, including unrelated aldehyde dehydrogenases.
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Size : 1 x 96 test
Applications : Functional Studies
Storage : All components are shipped cold. Reagent dye, Coupler and NAD+ are shipped lyophilized. Before use rehydrate by adding 0.25 mL pure H2O to each tube and vortex each tube thoroughly to dissolve. After hydration unused amounts of these three materials should be stored at -80°C. Store all other components store at 4°C. This kit is Stable for 6 months from receipt.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any clinical use. No products from Creative BioMart may be resold, modified for resale or used to manufacture commercial products without prior written approval from Creative BioMart.


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Are there any medications that interact with the ALDH2 protein variant? 11/12/2021

Yes, some medications can interact with the ALDH2*2 variant. Disulfiram (Antabuse), used to treat alcohol dependence, inhibits ALDH2 activity, leading to a buildup of acetaldehyde and causing severe adverse effects in individuals with the ALDH2*2 variant. Therefore, individuals with this variant should avoid medications that hinder ALDH2 activity.

Can the ALDH2 protein variant affect drug metabolism? 09/01/2021

Yes, the ALDH2*2 variant can impact drug metabolism. ALDH2 is involved in the metabolism of some medications, especially those containing aldehydes. Individuals with the variant may experience altered drug metabolism, potentially affecting the efficacy and safety of certain medications. It is essential for healthcare providers to consider this variant when prescribing medications to individuals with the ALDH2*2 variant.

What are the effects of the ALDH2 protein variant on alcohol metabolism? 06/24/2021

The ALDH2*2 variant affects the metabolism of alcohol by causing the accumulation of acetaldehyde in the body. This leads to facial flushing, rapid heartbeat, nausea, headache, and other uncomfortable symptoms when individuals with the variant consume alcohol.

Are there any treatments available for individuals with the ALDH2 protein variant? 04/29/2020

Currently, there is no specific treatment available to reverse or alter the ALDH2*2 variant. Management primarily involves avoiding alcohol consumption or minimizing intake to prevent the accumulation of acetaldehyde and the associated symptoms and health risks.

How is ALDH2 protein related to alcohol intolerance? 07/05/2019

ALDH2 protein is closely related to alcohol intolerance. Alcohol intolerance refers to the inability to metabolize acetaldehyde efficiently, leading to unpleasant symptoms after consuming even small amounts of alcohol. The ALDH2*2 variant reduces the enzyme's activity, causing acetaldehyde to accumulate and resulting in alcohol intolerance symptoms.

How can the ALDH2 protein variant be diagnosed? 03/22/2019

The ALDH2*2 variant can be diagnosed through genetic testing. A simple genetic test, usually done through a blood or saliva sample, can determine the presence of the variant. This test can be performed by a medical professional or a genetic testing service.

Can individuals with the ALDH2 protein variant safely consume any amount of alcohol? 02/04/2019

Individuals with the ALDH2*2 variant may experience severe adverse effects even with minimal alcohol consumption. Due to the buildup of acetaldehyde, it is generally advised that individuals with this variant limit their alcohol intake or avoid it altogether to prevent discomfort and potential health risks.

Can the ALDH2 protein variant be tested for? 11/25/2018

Yes, the ALDH2*2 variant can be detected through genetic testing. Genomic analysis can identify the presence of the genetic mutation associated with the variant. This testing can be beneficial in determining an individual's susceptibility to alcohol-related symptoms and tailor personalized recommendations for alcohol consumption.

Can the ALDH2 protein variant be inherited? 09/20/2018

Yes, the ALDH2*2 variant is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. This means that if one parent carries the variant, there is a 50% chance of passing it on to their offspring. If both parents have the variant, the likelihood increases to 75%.

How does the ALDH2 protein variant affect its function? 07/11/2018

The ALDH2 protein variant, known as ALDH2*2, has a genetic mutation that reduces the activity of the enzyme. Individuals with this variant have a decreased ability to break down acetaldehyde, leading to a buildup of this toxic substance in their bodies when they consume alcohol.

Can individuals with the ALDH2 protein variant experience other symptoms besides alcohol intolerance? 06/12/2018

While alcohol intolerance is the most common symptom associated with the ALDH2*2 variant, individuals with the variant may also experience other symptoms related to acetaldehyde buildup, such as facial swelling, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure.

Are certain populations more likely to have the ALDH2 protein variant? 12/26/2017

The ALDH2*2 variant is most common in East Asian populations, such as those of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent. It is estimated that approximately 30-50% of East Asians carry at least one copy of the variant.

Are there any other conditions or diseases associated with the ALDH2 protein variant? 12/23/2017

In addition to alcohol-related health issues, the ALDH2*2 variant has been linked to an increased risk of esophageal cancer, particularly in individuals who consume alcohol. Chronic alcohol consumption, combined with the inability to efficiently metabolize acetaldehyde due to the variant, can cause significant damage to the esophagus and increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

Is there any ongoing research or treatments being developed for the ALDH2 protein variant? 08/17/2017

Currently, there is ongoing research to better understand the effects of the ALDH2*2 variant and its implications for health. In terms of treatments, while there is no specific cure for the variant, some studies are investigating potential therapeutic approaches to enhance the activity of ALDH2 and improve alcohol metabolism in individuals with the variant. However, further research is still needed in this area.

What are the health risks associated with the ALDH2 protein variant? 08/09/2017

The ALDH2*2 variant is associated with an increased risk of alcohol-related health issues. When individuals with the variant consume alcohol, acetaldehyde builds up in their system, causing symptoms such as facial flushing, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and headache. Prolonged alcohol consumption despite these symptoms can lead to an increased risk of various conditions, including esophageal cancer, liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

Are there any known benefits of the ALDH2 protein variant? 06/20/2017

While the ALDH2*2 variant is associated with increased susceptibility to alcohol-related symptoms and health risks, it has been found to provide protection against alcohol dependence. The discomfort caused by acetaldehyde accumulation may discourage heavy alcohol consumption, reducing the risk of alcohol addiction.

Is the ALDH2 protein variant common? 10/07/2016

The ALDH2*2 variant is more common in certain populations. It is found at a high frequency in East Asian populations, where an estimated 30-50% of individuals carry at least one copy of the variant. In other populations, the prevalence of the ALDH2*2 variant is generally low.

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    I highly recommend the ALDH2 Protein to researchers seeking a reliable and high-performing protein for their ELISA assays and protein electron microscopy structure analysis.


      The ALDH2 Protein has greatly contributed to the success of my experiments, providing reliable and robust data.


        Its ability to maintain structural integrity and stability ensures accurate imaging, enabling me to gain deeper insights into the three-dimensional organization and interactions of the proteins under investigation.


          Its outstanding performance, coupled with its ease of use, has enhanced the overall efficiency and accuracy of my research.

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