Recombinant Human Interleukin 22

Cat.No. : IL22-555H
Product Overview : IL22 HumanRecombinant produced in E. Coli is a single, non-glycosylated homodimericpolypeptide chain containing 2 x 146 amino acids and having a total MW 33.607kDalton.
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Cat. No. : IL22-555H
Description : Interleukin-22 (IL22)is protein that in humans is encoded by the IL22 gene. IL22 a member of agroup of cytokines called the IL-10 family or IL-10 superfamily (includingIL-19, IL-20, IL-24, and IL-26), a class of potent mediators of cellular inflammatoryresponses. It shares use of IL-10R2 in cell signaling with other members ofthis family, IL-10, IL-26, IL-28A/B and IL-29.
Source : Human
Host : E. coli
Form : Lyophilized.Each mg contains 1.6 mg mannitol and 1.2 mg HSA.
Purity : Greater than 97.0%by SDS-PAGE gel and RF-HPLC.
Sequence : The sequence of thefirst five N-terminal amino acids is Met-Ala-Pro-Ile-Ser.
Molecular Weight : 33.607kDalton
Biological Activity : BiologicalAcitivity was determined by the ability to activiate STAT following receptor ligandinteraction.
Endotoxin Level : Less than0.1 ng per µg (1 EU/µg) of protein.
Reconstitution : Centrifugevial prior to opening. First add sterile water to the vial to fullysolubilize the protein to a concentration not less than 100 µg/ml. After completesolubilization of the protein, it can be further diluted to other aqueoussolutions.
Storage : Lyophilizedsamples are stable at room temperature for 3 weeks, but it is recommended tostore them desiccated at -20°C to -80°C. Upon reconstitution, protein shouldbe stored at 2-4°C for one week and for six months at -20°C to -80°C. Add acarrier protein (0.1% HSA or BSA) as a stabilizer for long term storage.Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
OfficialSymbol : IL22
Gene Name : IL22interleukin 22 [ Homo sapiens ]
Synonyms : IL22; interleukin 22; TIFa; IL21; IL-21; IL-22; ILTIF; IL-TIF;IL-D110; zcyto18;ZCYTO183; MGC79382; MGC79384; TIFIL-23; interleukin 21;interleukin-22;cytokine Zcyto18; OTTHUMP00000240117; IL-10-related T-cell-derived induciblefactor; IL-10-related T-cell-derived-inducible factor
Gene ID : 50616
mRNA Refseq : NM_020525
Protein Refseq : NP_065386
MIM : 605330
UniProt ID : Q9GZX6
Chromosome Location : 12q15
Pathway : Cytokine-cytokinereceptor interaction; Jak-STAT signaling pathway
Function : cytokineactivity; interleukin-22 receptor binding

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What is IL22's role in gut epithelial repair? 02/05/2022

IL22 enhances gut epithelial repair mechanisms.

What are the downstream targets of IL22 signaling? 12/27/2021

IL22 activates STAT3 to modulate downstream targets.

How does IL22 interact with other cytokines in inflammation? 10/06/2021

IL22 interacts synergistically with IL-17 during inflammation.

Is IL22 involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases? 06/25/2021

IL22 is involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases like Crohn's.

Does IL22 have a role in metabolic syndrome? 02/23/2021

IL22 is implicated in metabolic syndrome by affecting insulin sensitivity.

How is IL22 expression regulated in psoriasis? 09/05/2018

IL22 expression is upregulated in psoriasis.

Does IL22 expression change during viral infections? 07/26/2018

IL22 expression is upregulated during viral infections like Hepatitis C.

Does IL22 contribute to anti-tumor immunity? 03/14/2018

IL22 contributes to anti-tumor immunity by activating NK cells.

How does IL22 modulate T-cell differentiation? 10/30/2017

IL22 promotes Th22 cell differentiation.

What impact do IL22 polymorphisms have on its function? 09/25/2017

IL22 polymorphisms affect its binding affinity and signaling.

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    High specificity. -


      Good for Th17 differentiation. -


        Effective in gut repair assays. -

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