Active Recombinant Human CD28 protein, Biotin-labelled

Cat.No. : CD28-32H
Product Overview : Human CD28-muIg fusion protein was Protein A purified from (low FBS containing) tissue culture supernatant of CHO transfectants, and reacted with NHS-Biotin. Unconjugated Biotin was removed from conjugate by diafiltration. A soluble fusion protein consisting of the extracellular (134aa) domain of human CD28 fused to murine IgG2a Fc (233aa).
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Description : Human CD28 is an important costimulatory molecule found on all CD4+ T cells and on about half of the CD8+T cells. T cell activities attributed to CD28 include, prevention of anergy, induction of cytokine gene transcription, stabilization of cytokine mRNAs and activation of CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes. The ligands for CD28, identified as CD80 (B7-1) and CD86 (B7-2), are immunoglobulin superfamily monomeric transmembrane glycoproteins of 60 kd and 80 kd, respectively.
Source : CHO
Species : Human
Bio-activity : CD28-muIg/Biotin activity was assessed in EIA utilizing GAM-captured Recombinant CD80-muIg, and Streptavidin/HRP as a detector. In this format, the fusion protein was detectable at 100 ng/ml.
Notes : Research use only. Not for use in Diagnostic procedures.
Stability : Product should retain activity for at least 12 months after shipping date when stored as recommended.
Storage : Store at 2 - 5 centigrade. Freeze/Thawing is not recommended.
Concentration : 0.5 mg/mL
Storage Buffer : 50 mM Sodium Phosphate pH 7.5, 100 mM Potassium Chloride, 150mM NaCl, 5% Glycerol, 0.2% BSA, 0.04% NaN3 (as a preservative).
Gene Name : CD28
Official Symbol : CD28 CD28 molecule [ Homo sapiens (human) ]
Synonyms : CD28; CD28 molecule; Tp44; T-cell-specific surface glycoprotein CD28; CD28 antigen
Gene ID : 940
mRNA Refseq : NM_006139
Protein Refseq : NP_006130
MIM : 186760
UniProt ID : P10747

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Can CD28 protein be used for personalized medicine? 01/13/2023

CD28 protein expression and function may be relevant for personalized treatment strategies in autoimmune diseases and cancer.

What are the potential clinical applications of targeting CD28 protein? 05/18/2021

Targeting CD28 protein may have therapeutic potential in treating autoimmune diseases, cancer immunotherapy, and organ transplantation.

How does CD28 protein impact regulatory T cells (Tregs)? 06/21/2019

CD28 signaling is important for the function and maintenance of regulatory T cells, which play a role in immune tolerance and suppression of autoimmunity.

How does CD28 protein impact cancer immunotherapy? 11/26/2018

CD28 protein is involved in enhancing the anti-tumor immune response, making it a potential target for cancer immunotherapy.

Are there any approved therapies targeting CD28 protein? 05/27/2017

Currently, there are no FDA-approved therapies specifically targeting CD28 protein, but research is ongoing in this area.

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    Its unique characteristics contribute to obtaining clear and detailed structural information, enabling researchers to unravel the intricate complexities of protein interactions and conformational changes.


      Researchers can confidently rely on its capabilities to generate precise and significant results, enhancing the understanding of protein function and dynamics.


        the CD28 protein's outstanding performance in ELISA and its utility in protein electron microscopy structure analysis make it a highly recommended tool for researchers.

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