Recombinant Mouse IL9 Protein (Met1-Pro144), His-tagged

Cat.No. : IL9-858M
Product Overview : Recombinant Mouse IL9 Protein (NP_032399.1) (Met1-Pro144) was produced by Baculovirus-Insect Cells expression system. This protein was expressed with a polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus.
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Description : Interleukin 9, also known as IL-9, is a cytokine (cell signalling molecule) belonging to the group of interleukins. IL-9 is a cytokine that acts as a regulator of a variety of hematopoietic cells. This cytokine stimulates cell proliferation and prevents apoptosis. It functions through the interleukin 9 receptor (IL-9R), which activates different signal transducer and activator (STAT) proteins and thus connects this cytokine to various biological processes. Genetic studies on a mouse model of asthma demonstrated that this cytokine is a determining factor in the pathogenesis of bronchial hyperresponsiveness. IL-9 is a key molecule that affects differentiation of TH17 cells and Treg function. IL-9 predominantly produced by TH17 cells, synergizes with TGF-β1 to differentiate naïve CD4+ T cells into TH17 cells, while IL-9 secretion by TH17 cells is regulated by IL-23. Interestingly, IL-9 enhances the suppressive functions of FoxP3+ CD4+ Treg cells in vitro, and absence of IL-9 signaling weakens the suppressive activity of nTregs in vivo, leading to an increase in effector cells and worsening of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. The mechanism of IL-9 effects on TH17 and Tregs is through activation of STAT3 and STAT5 signaling. Our findings highlight a role of IL-9 as a regulator of pathogenic versus protective mechanisms of immune responses.
Source : Baculovirus-Insect Cells
Species : Mouse
Tag : His
Predicted N Terminal : Gln 19
Form : Lyophilized from sterile 50 mM Tris, 150 mM NaCl, pH 8.0, 10 % glycerol. Normally 5 % - 8 % trehalose, mannitol and 0.01% Tween80 are added as protectants before lyophilization.
Bio-activity : Measured in a cell proliferation assay using MC/9-2 mouse mast cells.
The ED50 for this effect is typically 0.5-2ng/mL.
Molecular Mass : The recombinant mouse IL9 consists of 137 amino acids and predicts a molecular mass of 15.6 kDa.
Protein length : Met1-Pro144
Endotoxin : < 1.0 EU per μg protein as determined by the LAL method.
Purity : > 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Stability : Samples are stable for up to twelve months from date of receipt at -70 centigrade.
Storage : Store it under sterile conditions at -20 centigrade to -80 centigrade. It is recommended that the protein be aliquoted for optimal storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Reconstitution : It is recommended that sterile water be added to the vial to prepare a stock solution of 0.2 mg/ml. Centrifuge the vial at 4ºC before opening to recover the entire contents.
Shipping : In general, recombinant proteins are provided as lyophilized powder which are shipped at ambient temperature.
Bulk packages of recombinant proteins are provided as frozen liquid. They are shipped out with blue ice unless customers require otherwise.
Gene Name : Il9 interleukin 9 [ Mus musculus ]
Official Symbol : IL9
Synonyms : IL9; interleukin 9; interleukin-9; cytokine P40; P40; Il-9;
Gene ID : 16198
mRNA Refseq : NM_008373
Protein Refseq : NP_032399
UniProt ID : P15247

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How is the clinical trial of IL9 progressing? 09/05/2022

Several clinical trials are currently underway to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of IL9 in treating conditions such as asthma and allergies. However, the research is still in its early stages and more data are needed.

How to obtain IL9? 03/13/2022

IL9 can be synthesized in the laboratory by biotechnological methods. Before clinical use, it needs to go through strict quality control and testing.

What is the action mechanism of IL9? 09/22/2021

By binding to specific receptors, IL9 can activate relevant signaling pathways and regulate the development and function of immune cells. It can affect the activity of a variety of immune cells, such as T cells and macrophages.

Howthe relationship between IL9 and other related cytokines? 05/02/2020

IL9 has cross-action with other cytokines, which can regulate the expression and function of each other. For example, IL9 can promote the production of IL4 and IL13, and IL4 and IL13 can also promote the secretion of IL9.

What are the clinical applications of IL9? 09/26/2019

IL9 can be used to treat certain inflammatory diseases, such as asthma and skin allergies. It can regulate the response of the immune system and reduce the symptoms of related diseases.

What is the mechanism of action of IL9 in the treatment of asthma? 01/11/2019

The mechanism of action of IL9 in asthma treatment is not fully understood, but studies have shown that it can reduce the infiltration of inflammatory cells and the release of inflammatory mediators, thereby reducing the symptoms of asthma.

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    Widely used, IL-9 is related to the occurrence of many diseases, such as asthma, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, fatty liver, etc., and has a wide range of research and application prospects. -


      In tumor therapy, IL-9 has immunoenhancement and anti-tumor effects, which can induce tumor cell apoptosis, inhibit tumor cell proliferation, and promote the killing effect of immune cells. -


        Because IL-9 is associated with many immune cells, its therapeutic properties exhibit lower toxic side effects compared to other immunotherapy approaches. -

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