Albumin Fusion Protein Production Services

Proteins used for in vivo test can be fused to albumin to improve half-life and bioavailability due to decreased renal clearance and recycling via the neonatal Fc receptor. Creative BioMart has extensive experience with genetically engineering albumin fusion protein production, expressing and purification a variety of albumin fusion proteins at the scale ranging from microgram to kilogram scales in mammalian cells.

Key benefits:

  • Increased half-life of the active molecule
  • Fewer side effects with improved tolerance
  • Competitive production costs
  • Specific albumin fusion binding matrices available for improved downstream purification
  • Animal-free
  • Genetically fused.

Applicable areas:

  • Protein drug half-life extension and delivery technologies
  • Chimeric protein expression.

With optimized vector, host strain and purification protocols, Creative BioMart can efficiently provide a one stop solution of gene to fusion proteins.

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