Native Human Transferring

Cat.No. : TF-5341H
Product Overview : Native human TFexpressed by Human Plasma is a 76.5 kDa protein.
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Cat. No. : TF-5341H
Description : Transferrin(TF) is a glycoprotein thought to have been created as a result of an ancient geneduplication event that led to generation of homologous C- and N-terminaldomainseachof which binds one ion of Ferric Iron. Therefore, each Human TF molecule hastheabilityto carry two Iron ions in the Ferric form (Fe3+). The function of TF is totransport Iron fromthe intestine, reticuloendothelial system, and liver parenchymal cells to all proliferatingcells in the body. TF may also have a physiologic role as Granulocyte/Pollen-BindingProtein (GPBP) involved in the removal of certain organic matterand allergens from serum. Apo-Transferrin designates the form of the molecule withoutIron bound. Like TF, APO-TF has a physiological role in the transportationanddistributionof Iron among the body organs. It is also an important transport factor used indefined culture media.
Source : Human Plasma
Species : Human
Form : Lyophilized fromAmmonium Bicarbonate pH 7.2.
Molecular Weight : 76.5 kDa
Reconstitution : Centrifugevial prior to opening. Add deionized water to a concentration of10 mg/Ml, aliquotand freeze unused portion.
Purity : > 95% by SDS-PAGE; Purifiedto have < 0.02 mgIron/g TF.
Storage : Store at -70°C. 3years from delivery. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
OfficialSymbol : TF
Gene Name : TF transferrin [ Homo sapiens]
Synonyms : TF; transferring; TFQTL1;PRO1557; PRO2086; DKFZp781D0156; serotransferrin; siderophilin; OTTHUMP00000197155;beta-1 metal-binding globulin
Gene ID : 7018
mRNA Refseq : NM_001063
Protein Refseq : NP_001054
MIM : 190000
UniProt ID : P02787
Chromosome Location : 3q22.1
Pathway : EPHB forwardsignaling; HIF-1-alpha transcription factor network; Hemostasis; Iron uptakeand transport; Mineral absorption; Platelet activation; Plateletdegranulation; Response to elevated platelet cytosolic Ca2+; Transferrinendocytosis and recycling; Transmembrane transport of small molecules
Function : ferric iron binding;metal ion binding; protein binding; ubiquitin protein ligase binding

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Can TF proteins be used for diagnosing diseases? 03/19/2021

Yes, abnormalities in TF proteins can serve as diagnostic markers for certain diseases.

Are there any approved drugs that target TF proteins? 11/27/2020

Yes, some drugs target TF proteins, especially in the treatment of cancer.

How do TF proteins contribute to autoimmune diseases? 08/25/2020

TF proteins can trigger or suppress immune responses, making them relevant in understanding autoimmune diseases.

How do TF proteins play a crucial role in clinical applications? 03/16/2016

TF proteins are vital for understanding disease mechanisms and can be targeted for therapeutic purposes.

Are there any clinical tests or assays that measure TF protein levels? 03/05/2016

Yes, various assays, like ELISA and Western blot, can be used to quantify TF protein levels.

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    Their team of experts is not only knowledgeable about the TF protein but is also dedicated to assisting researchers like myself in overcoming any challenges that may arise.


      This high-quality protein is crucial for the success of my experiments, ensuring that I obtain reliable and meaningful scientific findings.


        The TF protein is of exceptional quality, making it a perfect fit for my experimental needs.

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