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Official Full Name interleukin 15
Background Interleukin 15 (IL-15) is a cytokine with structural similarity to IL-2. Like IL-2, IL-15 binds to and signals through the IL-2/IL-15 beta chain (CD122) and the common gamma chain (gamma-C, CD132). IL-15 is secreted by mononuclear phagocytes (and some other cells) following infection by virus(es). This cytokine induces cell proliferation of natural killer cells; cells of the innate immune system whose principal role is to kill virally infected cells.
Synonyms IL15; MGC9721; Interleukin-15 precursor; OTTHUMP00000164617; interleukin 15; IL-15
    • Species :
    • Bovine
    • Cattle
    • Chicken
    • Equine
    • Feline
    • Goat
    • Guinea pig
    • Human
    • Mouse
    • Pig
    • Porcine
    • Rabbit
    • Rat
    • Rhesus Macaque
    • Rhesus Monkey
    • Sheep
    • Zebrafish
    • Source :
    • CHO
    • CHO-K1
    • E. coli
    • E.coli
    • HEK293
    • HEK293T
    • Human Cell
    • Human Cells
    • Mammalian Cell
    • Mouse
    • Sf21 Insect Cell
    • Yeast
    • Tag :
    • Avi
    • Fc
    • hFc-Myc
    • His
    • His(N-ter)
    • S
    • human
    • IgG1
    • Myc/DDK
    • N/A
    • N-His
    • Strep II
    Species Cat.# Product name Source (Host) Tag Protein Length Price
    Human IL15-271H Recombinant Human IL15 protein HEK293 N/A
    Human Il15-001H Recombinant Human Il15, HIgG1 Fc-tagged, mutant CHO Fc
    Human Il15-002H Recombinant Human Il15, MIgG2a Fc-tagged CHO Fc
    Human IL15-006H Recombinant Human IL15, HIgG1 Fc-tagged CHO Fc
    Human IL15-25H Recombinant Human IL15 E.coli N/A
    Human IL15-306H Recombinant Human IL15, His-tagged E.coli His
    Human IL15-330H Recombinant Human IL15, Fc-tagged CHO Fc
    Human IL15-483H Recombinant Human Interleukin 15 E.coli N/A
    Mouse Il15-423M Recombinant Mouse Interleukin 15, His-tagged Mouse His
    Mouse Il15-484M Recombinant Mouse Interleukin 15 E.coli N/A
    Mouse Il15-533M Recombinant Mouse Interleukin 15, His-tagged Mouse His
    Mouse Il15-739M Recombinant Mouse Interleukin 15, His-tagged E.coli His
    Bovine IL15-235B Recombinant Bovine Interleukin 15 Yeast N/A
    Feline IL15-1099F Recombinant Feline IL15 E.coli N/A
    Equine IL15-253E Recombinant Equine Interleukin 15 Yeast N/A
    Human IL15-01HG GMP Recombinant Human IL15 Protein CHO-K1
    Mouse Il15-01M Recombinant Mouse Il15 Protein, His-Tagged E.coli His
    Porcine IL15-01P GMP Recombinant Porcine IL15 Protein, His-Tagged E.coli His
    Human IL15-2177H Recombinant Human IL15 protein, His-tagged HEK293 His
    Human IL15-004H Recombinant Human IL15 Protein, His-tagged E. coli His
    Human IL15-125H Recombinant Human IL15 protein E.coli N/A
    Human IL15-24H Recombinant Human IL15 protein E.coli N/A
    Human IL15-270H Recombinant Human IL15, StrepII-tagged Human Cell Strep II
    Human IL15-28238TH Recombinant Human IL15, His-tagged E.coli His
    Mouse Il15-69M Recombinant Mouse Interleukin 15 E.coli N/A
    Mouse IL15-8119M Recombinant Mouse IL15 Protein Mammalian Cell His
    Rat Il15-231R Recombinant Rat Interleukin 15 Sf21 Insect Cell N/A
    Rat IL15-3028R Recombinant Rat IL15 Protein Mammalian Cell His
    Rat Il15-88R Recombinant Rat Interleukin 15 E.coli N/A
    Rhesus Macaque IL15-2232R Recombinant Rhesus monkey IL15 Protein, His-tagged Mammalian Cell His
    Chicken IL15-20C Recombinant Chicken IL-15 Yeast N/A
    Chicken IL15-6140C Recombinant Chicken IL15 Mammalian Cell His
    Rabbit IL15-863R Recombinant Rabbit IL15 protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Zebrafish IL15-3624Z Recombinant Zebrafish IL15 Mammalian Cell His
    Pig IL15-263S Recombinant Swine IL15 Yeast N/A
    Guinea Pig IL15-80G Recombinant Guinea Pig IL-15 Yeast N/A
    Pig IL15-80P Recombinant Porcine Interleukin-15 E.coli N/A
    Cattle IL15-859C Recombinant Cattle IL15 protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Guinea pig Il15-860G Recombinant Guinea pig Il15 protein, His & S-tagged E.coli His/S
    Sheep IL15-861S Recombinant Sheep IL15 protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Human IL15-5248HCL Recombinant Human IL15 293 Cell Lysate HEK293 N/A
    Human IL15-063H Recombinant Human IL15 Protein E. coli
    Pig IL15-1004P Recombinant Pig IL15 Protein, His-tagged E.coli N-His
    Zebrafish il15-1005Z Recombinant Zebrafish il15 Protein, His-tagged E.coli N-His
    Chicken IL15-1006C Recombinant Chicken IL15 Protein, His-tagged E.coli N-His
    Human IL15-145H Recombinant Active Human IL15 Protein, His-tagged(N-ter) E.coli His(N-ter)
    Mouse Il15-146M Recombinant Active Mouse IL15 Protein, His-tagged(N-ter) E.coli His(N-ter)
    Pig IL15-147P Recombinant Active Pig IL15 Protein, His-tagged(N-ter) E.coli His(N-ter)
    Human IL15-151H Recombinant Human IL15 Protein, DYKDDDDK-tagged Human Cells DYKDDDDK
    Goat IL15-2291G Recombinant Goat IL15 Protein, His-tagged E.coli N-His
    Human IL15-5922H Recombinant Human IL15 protein, hFc-Myc-tagged HEK293 hFc-Myc
    Human IL15-147H Human Interleukin-15(rDNA derived) Reference standard N/A
    Human IL15-272H Recombinant Human IL15 protein, Fc/Avi-tagged, Biotinylated HEK293 Avi/Fc
    Human IL15-321H Recombinant Human IL15 protein HEK293
    Human IL15-336HG GMP Recombinant Human IL15 Protein E. coli
    Human IL15-337HG GMP Recombinant Human IL15 protein CHO
    Human IL15-382H Recombinant Human IL15 Protein (Asn49-Ser162) E.coli N/A
    Human IL15-4329HG GMP Recombinant Human IL15 protein E.coli N/A
    Human IL15-6361H Recombinant Human IL15 Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged, C13 and N15-labeled HEK293T Myc/DDK
    Mouse Il15-091M Recombinant Mouse Il15 Protein E.coli
    Mouse Il15-092M Recombinant Mouse Il15 Protein, MYC/DDK-tagged HEK293T MYC/DDK
    Mouse Il15-647M Recombinant Mouse Il15 protein, Fc-tagged HEK293 human/IgG1/Fc
    Mouse Il15-7234M Recombinant Mouse Il15 Protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Rhesus Monkey IL15-01R Recombinant Rhesus Monkey IL15 Protein, His-tagged Yeast His

    IL15 involved in several pathways and played different roles in them. We selected most pathways IL15 participated on our site, such as Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction, Jak-STAT signaling pathway, TNF signaling pathway, which may be useful for your reference. Also, other proteins which involved in the same pathway with IL15 were listed below. Creative BioMart supplied nearly all the proteins listed, you can search them on our site.

    Pathway Name Pathway Related Protein
    Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction MET; CCL21B; Ccl21c; TGFBR1; BMPR2A; FLT3LG; CCL16; TSLP; BMPR1AB; IL18R1
    Jak-STAT signaling pathway LEPB; IRX1; PRL2; IL12BA; CRFB2; GRB2B; AKT3A; IL5; IFNW1; RAF1A
    TNF signaling pathway VEGFC; CREB5; CXCL3; AKT1; Ccl12; TRAF2; CXCL10; IL18R1; MLKL; MAPK8
    Intestinal i TGFB1; MAP3K14; HLA-DOA; CD40LG; CD40; ITGB7; HLA-DQB1; MADCAM1; CCL25; CXCL12B
    ne network for IgA production CCR10; CCR9A; ICOSLG; AICDA; BMA2; BMA1; CD40; CD80; HLA-DMA; CCL25
    Herpes simplex infection IKBKB; TAF6L; NFKBIAA; SRSF6B; C3; EIF2AK3; TAF13; CD74; IL12A; IFIH1
    Rheumatoid arthritis TGFB2; IL1B; ATP6V0A2; CD80; CCL20; IL1A; HLA-DOB; ICAM1; MMP1A; HLA-DMA

    IL15 has several biochemical functions, for example, cytokine activity, cytokine receptor binding, protein binding. Some of the functions are cooperated with other proteins, some of the functions could acted by IL15 itself. We selected most functions IL15 had, and list some proteins which have the same functions with IL15. You can find most of the proteins on our site.

    Function Related Protein
    cytokine activity TNFSF18; Ifnz; IL5; GM13285; IL15L; TNFSF15; Il2; BMP5; GPI1; IL17F
    cytokine receptor binding IFN-a; IL17D; IFNA13; IFNW1; IFNPHI4; IL17A/F1; IFNA3; IL15; IFNA8; IL17B
    protein binding PNKP; L3MBTL4; BLM; FGD5; MTSS1; KCNIP1; TRIM74; MDFIC; GATA5; POLI

    IL15 has direct interactions with proteins and molecules. Those interactions were detected by several methods such as yeast two hybrid, co-IP, pull-down and so on. We selected proteins and molecules interacted with IL15 here. Most of them are supplied by our site. Hope this information will be useful for your research of IL15.


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    Britze, A; Palmfeldt, J; et al. 44-plex cytokine profile of cholesteatoma. ACTA OTO-LARYNGOLOGICA 134:41-50(2014).

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