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Official Full Name v-src avian sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog
Background This gene is highly similar to the v-src gene of Rous sarcoma virus. This proto-oncogene may play a role in the regulation of embryonic development and cell growth. The protein encoded by this gene is a tyrosine-protein kinase whose activity can be inhibited by phosphorylation by c-SRC kinase. Mutations in this gene could be involved in the malignant progression of colon cancer. Two transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene.
Synonyms SRC; v-src avian sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog; ASV; SRC1; c-SRC; p60-Src; proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase Src; proto-oncogene c-Src; tyrosine kinase pp60c-src; tyrosine-protein kinase SRC-1; protooncogene SRC, Rous sarcoma; EC
    • Species :
    • Chicken
    • Human
    • Mouse
    • Rhesus Macaque
    • RSV
    • Zebrafish
    • Source :
    • E.coli
    • HEK293
    • HEK293T
    • Insect cell
    • Mammalian Cell
    • Sf9 Insect Cell
    • Tag :
    • Flag
    • GST
    • His
    • Myc/DDK
    • Myc
    • DDK
    • N/A
    Species Cat.# Product name Source (Host) Tag Protein Length Price
    Human SRC-004H Recombinant Human SRC Protein, GST-tagged Insect cell GST
    Human SRC-1100H Recombinant Human SRC protein, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Human SRC-1358H Recombinant Human SRC protein, His/GST-tagged Insect Cell His/GST
    Human SRC-191H Recombinant Human SRC, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Human SRC-1923H Recombinant Human SRC Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged, C13 and N15-labeled HEK293T Myc/DDK
    Human SRC-192H Recombinant Human SRC, SH3 Domain, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Human SRC-22H Recombinant Human SRC protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Human SRC-2747H Recombinant Human SRC Protein, MYC/DDK-tagged HEK293 Myc/DDK
    Human SRC-2947H Recombinant Human SRC, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Human SRC-29697TH Native Human SRC E.coli N/A
    Human SRC-381H Recombinant Human SRC Mammalian Cell His
    Human SRC-433H Recombinant Human SRC, GST-tagged, Active Sf9 Insect Cell GST
    Human SRC-487HCL Recombinant Human SRC cell lysate Insect Cell N/A
    Human SRC-533H Recombinant Human SRC protein, His-tagged Insect Cell His
    Human SRC-575H Recombinant Human SRC, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Human SRC-79H Recombinant Human SRC protein, Flag-tagged, Biotinylated Insect Cell Flag
    Mouse SRC-585MCL Recombinant Mouse SRC cell lysate Insect Cell N/A
    Mouse Src-593M Recombinant Mouse Rous Sarcoma Oncogene, Domain E.coli N/A
    Mouse Src-6122M Recombinant Mouse Src Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged HEK293T Myc/DDK
    Mouse Src-907M Recombinant Mouse Src, His & GST tagged Insect Cell His/GST
    Mouse Src-99M Recombinant Mouse Rous Sarcoma Oncogene, SH3 Domain E.coli N/A
    Rhesus Macaque SRC-4460R Recombinant Rhesus monkey SRC Protein, His-tagged Mammalian Cell His
    Chicken SRC-7007C Recombinant Chicken SRC Mammalian Cell His
    Zebrafish SRC-1128Z Recombinant Zebrafish SRC Mammalian Cell His
    RSV Src-546R Recombinant RSV Src, GST-tagged Sf9 Insect Cell GST
    Kit-0800 c-Src Kinase (Human) Assay/Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit N/A

    SRC involved in several pathways and played different roles in them. We selected most pathways SRC participated on our site, such as ErbB signaling pathway, Rap signaling pathway, Chemokine signaling pathway, which may be useful for your reference. Also, other proteins which involved in the same pathway with SRC were listed below. Creative BioMart supplied nearly all the proteins listed, you can search them on our site.

    Pathway Name Pathway Related Protein
    ErbB signaling pathway NCK2B; RAF1A; MAP2K2B; ABL1; MAP2K7; SOS1; NRAS; RPS6KB1; PIK3CG; CBLC
    Rap signaling pathway LPAR2; FPR1; CALML3; NGFR; PGF; Adcy4; FGF5; KLK1B4; PDGFC; THBS1
    Chemokine signaling pathway KRAS; IKBKB; GNG11; CCL7; CCL2; CXCL3; GRK5; GM13304; GNB4; FOXO3
    Endocytosis IGF1RA; FAM125A; TSG101A; RABEP1; IL2RG; PIP5KL1; RAB22A; CAV2; CAV3; FGFR3
    VEGF signaling pathway PLA2G4C; MAP2K1; RAC2; PPP3CCB; RAF1B; AKT2L; PLCG2; PPP3CA; AKT1; RAC3B
    Focal adhesion MYLPFB; VAV1; PIK3R5; ACTB; SOS1; PIK3R3B; RHOAC; PGF; ITGA1; COL1A1
    Adherens junction ACTB2; ERBB2; PVRL1B; PVRL3; PTPRM; PTPRF; SMAD3; FER; FYNB; BAIAP2A
    Tight junction CLDNE; CLDN10; ACTB; F11R.1; EPB41L3B; RAB3B; RRAS; MAGI1B; AKT3A; MYL7
    Platelet activation ITGA2; GP9; GUCY1B3; FYN; COL27A1; FGA; ARHGEF1; ACTG1; PLCB1; GP6
    GABAergic synapse GABRB3; GNAO1; PLCL1; GABRQ; GNG13; GNG2; GNG7; GABRG2; HAP1; GNG11
    Inflammatory mediator regulation of TRP channels BDKRB1; ALOX12; BDKRB2; NTRK1; CALML5; ASIC3; TRPV1; P2RY2; PRKACA; TRPV2
    Regulation of actin cytoskeleton RHOA; WASF1; PFN3; FGF22; IQGAP3; ACTB1; ARPC5LB; ARHGEF12; FGF13A; RRAS2
    GnRH signaling pathway CALM3B; CALM1; MAP2K4A; CALM2A; PRKACA; ATF4; CDC42; PLCB1; CALM2; MMP2
    Estrogen signaling pathway SRC; GRM1; GNAQ; PLCB2; KCNJ5; PRKCD; HSP90AB1; PIK3CD; HSPA1L; SHC3
    Prolactin signaling pathway SOCS1; MAPK8; SHC4; TNFRSF11A; INS2; NEK3; STAT5B; PIK3R5; NRAS; PIK3R3
    Thyroid hormone signaling pathway NOTCH4; SLC2A1; AKT1; ATP1A2; MED12L; ACTB; KAT2B; PLCZ1; PIK3CA; PRKCB
    Oxytocin signaling pathway MAP2K1; CACNB4; RYR2; CAMK4; CACNA2D2; ITPR3; MYL9; CAMK2G; MYLK2; NFATC3
    Bacterial invasion of epithelial cells SEPT12; CBLC; BCAR1; CTNNA3; DOCK1; PIK3R2; ACTB; DNM3; FN1; GAB1
    Epithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection TCIRG1; MAPK9; SRC; MAPK11; ATP6V1A; CCL5; NFKB1; RAC1; MAPK8; ATP6V1G2
    Shigellosis MAPK12; FBXW11; SRC; PFN4; CDC42; MAPK1; ROCK2; ATG5; ITGA5; WASL
    Tuberculosis LSP1; HLA-DOB; CASP10; CALML3; IFNA17; C3; CAMK2A; IRAK1; RAF1; ITGAM
    Hepatitis B KRAS; CCNE1; APAF1; TP53; PRKCB; IFNA21; PRKCA; AKT1; ATF4; Ifna15
    Viral carcinogenesis GTF2A1L; HIST1H4B; IRF7; UBR4; RHOA; HLA-F; HDAC4; RBL1; HIST1H4H; HDAC7A
    Proteoglycans in cancer MAPK1; PPP1CC; WNT11; EZR; SDC1; CAV2; DDX5; FZD5; CBLC; ARHGEF1
    Bladder cancer VEGFA; IL-8; RPS6KA5; UPK3A; SRC; HBEGF; MAP2K2; CXCL8; TYMP; CCND1

    SRC has several biochemical functions, for example, ATP binding, SH2 domain binding, SH3/SH2 adaptor activity. Some of the functions are cooperated with other proteins, some of the functions could acted by SRC itself. We selected most functions SRC had, and list some proteins which have the same functions with SRC. You can find most of the proteins on our site.

    Function Related Protein
    SH2 domain binding SH3PXD2B; TRPV4; LCK; GNB2L1; INPPL1; PAG1; LAX1; DLC1; JAK2; SRC
    SH3/SH2 adaptor activity SH3BGRL; SH2D1A; RUSC1; NCK1; SH2D3C; TOB1; PAG1; SRC; SH3BGR; GRAP
    enzyme binding PPP3CB; EHHADH; PEBP1; PTPLAD2; PYCARD; ZFHX3; UBE4B; LDB2; BIRC5; TUT1
    ephrin receptor binding EFNB1; EFNA3; FYN; PIK3CG; EFNA2A; NTRK3; EFNB3; PTPN1; EFNB2; CDK5
    growth factor receptor binding APP; SLC9A3R1; SRC; FYN
    heme binding CYP2E1; PTGS2A; CYP2Y3; CYP2X9; CYP2P6; CYP19A1A; CYP46A1.3; CYP3A25; CYP2AA8; CYP4T8
    hormone receptor binding SRC; TNK2B; JAK3; TNK2; TNK1; JAK2B; JAK2A
    integrin binding S1PR2; JAM3; ITGB1BP2; CTGFA; COL4A3; GFAP; COL3A1; ITGB1BP1; SYK; WISP1B
    ion channel binding YWHAE; ARRB1; SRC; ACTN2; SLC14A2; ANK2; KCNE1L; CTNNB1; NEDD4L; HSP90AB1
    kinase activity CSNK1DA; SGK2A; DCLK1A; EPHB4A; Aatk; NUCKS1A; CAMK1GB; CKBA; WNK2; DYRK1AA
    kinase binding DGKQ; TNFAIP3; FAS; BARD1; CAB39; JAKMIP1; SP100; SNAI1; PARK7; PPP2R5A
    non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity ZAP70; PTK2B; TYK2; JAK2A; Fert2; RIPK2; MATK; HCK; CSK; ITK
    phosphoprotein binding PITX2; SAG; PLAT; CSNK1D; TBK1; DPYSL3; TBL2; MID1; MS4A2; CBX4
    protein kinase activity PTK6B; NEK12; CDK17; PHKG1B; SGK196; ULK1A; CSNK1G2B; GUCY2E; CDK12; PTK2AA
    protein tyrosine kinase activity EPHA7; ERBB4A; Fert2; AXL; NTRK3A; IGF1R; PTK2AA; CLK4; FGFR4; BMX
    receptor binding CCL17; PVRL1A; GFRA1; MAG; CROT; TIGIT; LIF; TNFSF13; AGXT; LBP
    scaffold protein binding NOS3; SHANK3; SRC; CHRNA7; NLGN3; KCNQ1; NLRP1; LRP4; KRT15; NCK2

    SRC has direct interactions with proteins and molecules. Those interactions were detected by several methods such as yeast two hybrid, co-IP, pull-down and so on. We selected proteins and molecules interacted with SRC here. Most of them are supplied by our site. Hope this information will be useful for your research of SRC.

    PTPN1; PTK2

    Liu, Y; Zhang, LW; et al. DNA-PKcs Deficiency Inhibits Glioblastoma Cell-Derived Angiogenesis After Ionizing Radiation. JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 230:1094-1103(2015).
    He, YX; Liu, J; et al. Src inhibitor reduces permeability without disturbing vascularization and prevents bone destruction in steroid-associated osteonecrotic lesions in rabbits. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5:-(2015).

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